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Surname Salt - Meaning and Origin

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Salt: What does the surname Salt mean?

The surname Salt is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has multiple potential meanings. Primarily, it is commonly considered an occupational name, referring to an individual who worked in or owned a salt works, or alternatively, was a trader of salt, a commodity highly valued in ancient times for its preserving qualities. The name could also have topographical origins, deriving from individuals who lived near a 'salt' which is an old term for a salt spring or salt pan - places where salt was extracted. Moreover, the name can potentially be locational, pertaining to the town of Salt in Staffordshire, England, or similar place-names on the continent. The surname was first recorded in the late 11th century and has variations in different cultures and countries, including 'Salter' and 'Saltman.' Its early recording and potential variations suggest it was widespread and probably had multiple independent origins. Like many surnames, the definitive origin of 'Salt' could be context-based, depending on the particular family or individual bearing the name. It should be noted that the precise meaning can only be traced through accurate genealogical investigation.

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Salt: Where does the name Salt come from?

The surname Salt is of English origin, and is thought to derive from a place name derived from the Old English word "salt", referring to someone who lived near a salt marsh or salt works. Although the name was originally found in England, it is common in many English-speaking countries today, particularly in North America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

In the United States, Salt is the 636th most common surname, with an estimated 123,972 bearers. It is most common in the South consisting of Texas, Virginia, and South Carolina.

In Canada, Salt is the 306th most common surname, with an estimated 18,203 bearers. It is most common in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

In Australia, Salt is the 259th most common surname, with an estimated 16,982 bearers. It is most common in the states of New South Wales and Victoria.

In New Zealand, Salt is the 305th most common surname, with an estimated 4,784 bearers. It is most common in the North Island region of the country.

Today, the surname Salt is commonly found in many English-speaking countries throughout the world. It originated in England, but has now spread to North America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, where it is one of the most common surnames.

Variations of the surname Salt

Salt is an English surname that originated from a location or job. It comes from Middle English sult and Old English sealt and was once a byname for someone who lived by or near a salt spring or who worked in a salt house. During the Middle Ages, salt was an expensive commodity and the name was a reference to wealth and well-being.

The surname has multiple variants and spellings, including Sault, Sault, Sallt, Saulte, Saute, Sallte, Sowte, Salte, Sailt, Saltt, Saulty, Sauly, Sealt, Saalt, Seult and sawlt.

The surname may also take a different spelling in other countries. For example, it can appear as Salz in Germany and Salza in Poland.

Surnames related to Salt include Saltmarsh, Salter, Salterson, Saltwell, and Saltworks. The Salterson, Saltwell, and Saltworks variants are likely derived from the source of salt production. The Saltmarsh name originated from a person who lived by a marsh, a low-lying land area in the coastal area where salt was gathered by evaporation.

Salt is a fairly common name globally and is shared by many prominent people from different countries, including British comedian Graham Salt, American professional basketball player JJ Salt, British professor Leslie Salt, and American rock guitarist Joe Salt.

Famous people with the name Salt

  • Margaret Salt: British actor.
  • Anthony Salt: Australian actor and director.
  • Brad Salt: Australian ski instructor, snowboarder and safety officer.
  • Cliff Salt: British actor and dancer.
  • Jocelyn Salt: Welsh actress.
  • Keith Salt: British actor, writer, and director.
  • Noel Salt: English actor and lighterman.
  • Ray Salt: Australian actor, singer and comedian.
  • Bruce Saltmarsh: British actor and writer.
  • Prue Salt: British actress.
  • Charles Saltford: British actor.
  • Elspeth Salt: British actress, screenwriter and director.
  • Janine Salt: Canadian actor and singer.
  • Michael Salt: British actor.
  • Leslie “Salty” Salt: American actor and singer.
  • John “Salty” Salt: Canadian actor.
  • Deborah Salt: British actress.
  • Garfield "Gar" Salt: British actor.
  • Chris Salt: English comedian, actor and author.
  • Warren Salt: British actor.

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