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Surname Sargant - Meaning and Origin

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Sargant: What does the surname Sargant mean?

The surname "Sargant" is of English origin and it was used to denote a person who served in the position of a sergeant, which was a rank in both military and civil administrations during medieval times. The word "sergeant" itself is derived from the Old French term "sergent", which means servant. It was later adopted in the Middle English as "serjaunt", used to define an officer of justice or a steward serving a noble or royal household. Overall, the name represents service, authority, and responsibility. The Sargant family has a history dating back to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, and the name could have originally been occupational, applied to individuals serving in these roles. Like many surnames, specific meanings may vary based on regional and historical context. Therefore, the surname could potentially hold other interpretations beyond this primary definition.

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Sargant: Where does the name Sargant come from?

The surname Sargant is most commonly found in England. It is a habitational name, derived from the parish of Sarre in Kent. In Kent, the name is especially common as a surname in and around Callis, Aylesford, and Lenham.

The surname is also commonly found in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Many of these Sargants are descendants of James Sargent who emigrated to American in 1630.

The presence of the surname in Australia and New Zealand was likely brought over by the British immigrants in the periods of migratory surges in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In the United States, the surname is more widespread, and is thought to have been brought there when a branch of the family moved over from England to Pennsylvania.

The surname Sargant is still in use today as a given name. It is especially popular in the United Kingdom, where it appears to have become somewhat fashionable. In the last few years, the name Sargant has been given to a number of high-profile personalities including the United Kingdom Ambassador to Iraq, Sir John Sawers (born Sargant) and Canadian hockey player Steve Downie (born Sargant).

Variations of the surname Sargant

The surname Sargant is an Anglicized spelling of an Old French surname, Sargent. It was originally used to describe a soldier who held a higher rank than the average soldier, such as a sergeant or sergeant major.

Variants of the surname Sargant include Sergeant, Sargent, Sergent, Sargison, Sargisson, Sargent, Sargie, and Sarge.

Alternate spellings of the name include Sargeant, Sargint, Sargaunt, and Serjaunt.

In Scotland, the surname Sargant was also spelled Seargeant.

Surnames derived from Sargant include Sarjant, Sargentson, Sarginson, Serjantson, Serjante, Saurgant, Sargentman, Sargentey, Sargentes, Sargeon, Seargeon, and Seargant.

Common Americanized variations of the name include Sarganti, Sargentin, Sargeton, Sargintin, Sergenti, and Sergenton.

People with the surname Sargant may also be of Jewish descent and have various spellings of the name, including Sargant, Sargon, Sargin, Surgent, Surgen, and Zargen.

Overall, the surname Sargant has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin, giving it a wide and rich history.

Famous people with the name Sargant

  • William Sargant: British psychiatrist and author
  • Florence Sargent: British nurse awarded the Royal Red Cross
  • Edwin Augustus Sargent: 19th century American engineer
  • Samuel Sargent: American poet of the 19th century
  • John Sargent: 19th century American politician
  • John Singer Sargent: 19th century American portrait painter
  • Albert Sargent: 19th century British physician
  • Margery Sargent: 20th century British philatelist
  • John H. Sargent: American poet and editor
  • Agnes Mabel Sargent: British botanist
  • John Thomas Sargent: Canadian Minor League Baseball pitcher
  • Alfred Sargent: English boot maker
  • Lady Jean Constance Sargant: British aristocrat
  • Robert Sargent: American actor
  • William Sargant Jr.: Canadian artillery officer
  • George Sargent: English actor
  • Paul Sargent: American geographer and professor
  • Israel Sargent: 19th century American politician
  • J.T. Sargent: Australian rugby league player
  • Marshall Pullmann Sargent: American film editor and producer

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