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Surname Saverance - Meaning and Origin

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Saverance: What does the surname Saverance mean?

The last name Saverance is of French origin. It originated in the French province of Savoy, and is derived from the French word "saver," which means to save, preserve, or keep. The name likely referred to a person who was especially skilled at saving money or resources, making it an apt surname for someone from this region.

The Saverance surname is also found in many other countries, including the United States, Canada, and Scotland. The name likely arrived with immigrants from these countries, who brought their customs and culture to the regions they settled in.

The Saverance name can be associated with several other names, including Saverance, Savois, or Sauviens. The family name is associated with hard work and perseverance, as its meaning implies. It is also a reminder of the family's ancestral home, the French province of Savoy.

The Saverance last name has come to be associated with both a deep sense of financial responsibility and dependability. It is a reminder to those who bear the name to take full care of their finances and resources, and to make sure they are being used responsibly. It is a reminder that our possessions and resources are valuable, and should be used responsibly and with care.

Saverance: Where does the name Saverance come from?

The last name Saverance is found primarily in France and its French-speaking countries today. It is also found in some parts of northeastern Europe, especially those countries with close ties to France, and other regions settled by French travelers and explorers such as North America and certain parts of Africa.

The modern prevalence of Saverance is likely due to its French origins. The word “Saverance” was originally a French adjective, meaning “safe” or “secure.” It is derived from the Latin verb “salvare,” which means “to save” or “to protect.” This language connection helps explain why the name is so popular in French-speaking places.

It is difficult to estimate the exact number of people today who bear the Saverance name because records can be hard to come by in many of the places where Saverance is found. That said, it is likely that this surname exists in the tens of thousands, including the United States and Canada.

Surnames like Saverance, which are derived from a common adjective or verb, can often be found in countries that are linguistically and culturally similar to where the name originated, which makes sense given the ubiquity of the French language and the global spread of its language and culture. Going forward, the odds are good that the Saverance name will continue to rise in popularity and prevalence.

Variations of the surname Saverance

The surname Saverance has a few variants, spellings, and other surnames that share its origin.

The most common variation is Saverance, with spellings including Saveraunce, Saverancey, Saverauncey, Savarance, and Savorance. This surname can also be seen spelled as Savaraunt, Savoraunt, Savaront, and Savaraunt. Other similar surnames include Saverage, Sauvage, Savary, Saverin, Savarin, Saverino, and Saverino.

In France the surname Saverance is believed to have been derived from the Picard and Norman regions, where the variant Saverage was found. It was also present in the Aisne department of the Picardie region. The French form of the name was likely a combination of the words “Sauver”, meaning to save, and “Ance”, which was a suffix likely meaning to signify being of a certain people.

The name was also found in England, where it was derived from the Anglo-Norman French form. The spelling Savoraunt was found in the Doomsday Book of 1086, where this spelling was used to describe a small valley or dell found at Brimpsfield in Gloucestershire, England.

In Germany the surname Saverance was believed to have come from the Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants that arrived in the country in the 12th century. The name then became prevalent in areas such as France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and England.

In all of its forms, the surname Saverance has a clear French origin and is thought to have originated in the Norman and Picard regions of France.

Famous people with the name Saverance

  • Joan Saverance: American-Italian model, actress, and producer
  • Antoinette Saverance: American-Italian actress and voice actress
  • Corey Saverance: Professional basketball player from Canada
  • Henrick Saverance: Professional soccer player from Switzerland
  • Jean-Luc Saverance: French professional tennis player
  • Caleb Saverance: American chef and restaurateur
  • Morty Saverance: Broadway producer and theater director
  • Peter Saverance: American politician and former U.S. Ambassador to Estonia
  • Alfred Saverance: American composer and professor
  • Carl Saverance: German professional golfer
  • Franklin Saverance: Author and historian from Canada
  • Hans Saverance: Austrian-born painter
  • Jan Saverance: French-born sculptor
  • Julien Saverance: French-born actor
  • Amanda Saverance: British singer and songwriter
  • Jasper Saverance: Professional cricket player from England
  • Annabelle Saverance: American film director
  • Jessica Saverance: American professional dancer
  • Karla Saverance: Professional snowboarder from Canada
  • Lucille Saverance: French opera singer and conductor.

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