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Surname Saxon - Meaning and Origin

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P. Saxon

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Saxon: What does the surname Saxon mean?

The Surname Saxon is of English and German origin and it derives from the medieval term "Seaxe" which referred to a weapon like a short sword or dagger. It was often used as an ethnic name for someone of Germanic origin, specifically tracing back to the fierce tribe named the Saxons that migrated to England in the 5th and 6th centuries. The Saxons were a group of Germanic tribes first mentioned as living near the North Sea coast of what is now Germany in the late Roman empire. As a surname, Saxon would have been used to denote someone of Saxon descent or someone who was a warrior or a person of great strength. This surname can also be a topographic name for someone who lived by a clump of ash trees which was a common feature in the Saxon landscape. Over time, "Saxon" has become a popular surname and personal name, symbolizing strength, power, and resilience.

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Saxon: Where does the name Saxon come from?

The last name Saxon is most commonly found in England and the U.S., particularly in the south-eastern regions of both countries. It can also be found throughout the English-speaking world, particularly in the former colonies of the British Empire. In the U.S. some areas of higher concentration include Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama.

Saxon is an Anglo-Saxon surname, derived from the Old English "Seaxe" meaning dagger–an appropriate name for a Saxon warrior. During the 8th century, the Saxons arrived in England from 19 countries across the north of Europe. As a result, the Saxon surname soon became one of the most common last names across the British Isles.

In modern times, Saxon remains a relatively common surname in England today. One study reported that it was the 517th most common surname in England as of 2002. While some Saxon families are of noble and ancient British heritage, many are not. In fact, it is believed that the majority of Saxon families are of fairly modern English-speaking ancestry, first appearing in the historical records in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the U.S., the Saxon surname is not quite as common as it is in England. However, there are still sizable populations of Saxons throughout the south east of the country. One study from 1990 reported that there were over 8,000 Saxons living in the U.S. at the time, and that it was the 545th most common surname.

Variations of the surname Saxon

The surname Saxon has many variants and spellings that stem from the same origin. The earliest Saxon surnames alternate between Saxon and Saxton, both signifying Saxon descendants. From Saxon, two more variants emerged, Sexton and Sextone. Sexton is thought to originate from the same source, but was greatly modified in spelling to be a more appealing name. Sextone is thought to stem from the Scottish origins of the surname, as Scotland was originally inhabited by the Saxons.

The surname could be spelled in a variety of ways, including Saxen, Saxan, Sexan, Saxin and Saxson. These are all derived from the original Saxon form and often determined by dialects and local accents. In addition, the surname was often found anglicised as Sexton or Sextone.

The Saxon surname has been found in other European countries, often with varying spellings. The French counterpart of Saxon is Saxton, while in Germany the variants Saxsen andSaxin are used to distinguish the Saxon surname. Additionally, Saxon can be found in Scandinavia with the spellings Saxsin or Saxsone, as well as in Poland and Russia both with the spelling Saxsen.

The surname Saxon can also be found in other alternative spellings including the surnames Sausser, Sassor, Sauser and Sassen. These all stem from the Saxon name, and they are particularly common in Germany and other German-speaking regions.

In conclusion, the surname Saxon has many variants, spellings and surnames that stem from the same origin. Each variation is determined by dialects, accents and language usage, but can all be traced back to the original Saxon form.

Famous people with the name Saxon

  • Sean Saxon: Actor best known for appearing in numerous films and TV shows from the 1970s through the 2000s
  • Sela Ward: Award-winning actress of films such as The Fugitive and Frequency
  • Matt Saxon: Professional race car driver and former NASCAR Truck Series competitor
  • Curt Saxon: Emmy-nominated American stunt coordinator and stunt double
  • Shawn Saxon: Voice actor and animation director
  • Sarah Saxon: British actress known for roles in Murder on the Orient Express and The Time Machine
  • Saxon Sharbino: Actress from films such as Mirrors 2 and Touch
  • Christian Saxon: Actor best known for his work on The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad
  • Tanya Saxon: Professional dancer and choreographer who has worked with music acts including Princess, Prince and Sting
  • Kim Saxon: World-renowned DJ and producer affiliated with Dirtybird and Ultra Records

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