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Surname Scheldrup - Meaning and Origin

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Scheldrup: What does the surname Scheldrup mean?

The last name Scheldrup is of Danish origin and is derived from the words "skel" and "drub" which together mean a sheltered or protected area. This suggests the family had origins in an area or locality that offered shelter, such as a valley, mountain pass, or beach. Historically, the Scheldrup surname was associated with people of wealth and land-ownership. Those with the last name served as landlords and landowners in Danish communities and meadows for centuries.

The Scheldrup family has been associated with numerous Danish regions. In North Jutland, they are noted for their long-held dominion over the area of Ejerslev and the local manor of Trøstbjerg. In this region, the family was highly respected and well-known for their leadership, good deeds, and contributions to society. In addition, a large number of Scheldrups settled on the Danish island of Møn in the 18th century and were leaders in the local community.

The use of the last name is still quite prevalent in Denmark today. Typical Scheldrups are characterized by high integrity, kindness, generosity, as well as protectiveness and loyalty to family and friends. The legacy of the Scheldrup family lives on in the form of these admirable traits and their long-held history in the region.

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Scheldrup: Where does the name Scheldrup come from?

The last name Scheldrup is most commonly associated with people of Scandinavian, German, and Dutch descents. It is particularly common in the Netherlands, but can also be found in Denmark and Norway. It is also found in Germany and Belgium.

The name is thought to have originated from the Old Germanic language, so it could be either a reference to a specific location or a name someone was given to describe their personality.

In the Netherlands, the Scheldrup surname is not particularly common, however it is more so in some parts of the country. The southern Dutch provinces, such as Overijssel, Gelderland, and Limburg, tend to have the highest number of people with the Scheldrup surname.

It is also fairly common in the northern provinces of the Netherlands, such as Friesland and Groningen. In Germany, the Scheldrup name is particularly common in the states of Lower Saxony and Bavaria.

The Scheldrup surname is somewhat less common in Denmark, despite the country having a large Scandinavian population and being relatively close to the Netherlands. In contrast, it is much more common in Norway, where it is one of the most popular surnames.

Overall, the Scheldrup surname is most commonly associated with people of Scandinavian, Dutch, and German descents. It is particularly common in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and Norway.

Variations of the surname Scheldrup

The surname Scheldrup is likely derived from a Dutch-Frisian place name. Spellings and variants of Scheldrup may depend on which language is being used, as this surname may be interpreted differently in different languages. Possible spellings and variants of the surname Scheldrup may include:

• Skildrup (Danish)

• Skeeldrapp (Most common Frisian spelling)

• Schildrup (German)

• Scheldrop (Dutch)

• Schilderup (Norwegian and Icelandic)

• Schildrap (Swedish)

• Schelderup (English)

• Schildrupp (Low German)

In terms of surnames that are of the same origin as Scheldrup, research suggests there may be a few. These include:

• Scheldtrup

• Schilldrapp

• Scheldrapp

• Bitschdirup

• Schelpdirup

• Bitschemuller

It is possible that members of the Scheldrup family who immigrated to other countries may have changed their surnames along the way. Common variations include Shieldrop, Schildrop and Shildrop in England, and Schelldrup, Sheldrup and Shilldrup in the United States.

Famous people with the name Scheldrup

  • Björn Scheldrup: Danish professional footballer who currently plays for Danish Superliga club FC Midtjylland as a goalkeeper.
  • Ursula Scheldrup: Norwegian cyclist who won silver at the Danish National Road Race Championships in summer 2019.
  • Frederick Scheldrup: Norwegian lawyer and antiquarian who was a member of the Norwegian Parliament in the 1800s.
  • Eivind Scheldrup: Norwegian sculptor known for his abstract sculptures, which are usually made of bronze or stainless steel.
  • Leonard Scheldrup: Danish painter from the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was especially well known for his landscapes and seascapes, which often depicted the coast of his native Denmark.
  • Bodil Scheldrup: Danish actress who has appeared in movies such as Man on a Mission, Generation ‘S’, and A Picture of a Lady.
  • Kristian Scheldrup: Norwegian playwright who wrote A Midsommer Night’s Dream and several other plays throughout his artistic career.
  • Steinar Scheldrup: Norwegian racing driver who won several Norwegian championships in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Peter Scheldrup: Danish motorcycle racer who won the Scandinavian 250cc championship in 1979.
  • Eduardo Scheldrup: Mexican painter, known for his colorful landscapes and portraits.

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