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Surname Schenfelein - Meaning and Origin

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Schenfelein: What does the surname Schenfelein mean?

The last name Schenfelein is a Germanic name derived from the words "Schön" and "Feld," which together translate to mean "pretty field". It is assumed to be an occupational surname, meaning those with the surname were likely farmers who owned or managed fields that were generally agreed upon to be attractive. The exact origin of the name is unknown, but it is possible that it originated in the Bavarian or Austro-Hungarian region.

Schenfelein is likely a very old name, as records of the name can be found as far back as the 13th century. Initially, the name may have been found primarily in Bavaria and Austria, given its origin, but today it is much more widespread. This makes sense, as over the centuries those with the Schenfelein surname likely scattered throughout Europe, and, eventually, the world.

Today, the Schenfelein name is still found primarily in Germany, Austria, and Bavaria, but it can also be found in the United States, Australia, and other parts of Europe. Those with the Schenfelein surname are likely direct descendants of the same family, though given how geographically widespread it is, there's a chance that the ancestors of today's Schenfeleins have been scattered over many generations.

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Schenfelein: Where does the name Schenfelein come from?

The last name Schenfelein is most commonly found in areas of Germany, as it is derived from the German-language word for 'small knife.' It is primarily concentrated in the states of Bavaria, Saxony, and Lower Saxony. In Bavaria, it is most often found in the counties of Upper Franconia and Frankenwald, with the largest concentration located in the cities of Nuremberg and Würzburg. In Saxony, the largest concentrations are in Dresden, Chemnitz, Leipzig, and Zwickau. The surname is also found occasionally in parts of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and northern Switzerland. It is also found in some areas of the United States, particularly among German Americans.

The Schenfelein family surname originates from a Germanic last name formed from a combination of 'schin' and 'felen.' This combination means 'the one with an axe-like object.' The object in question likely could have been a hunting tool of some kind or simply a knife. This is important to note, as Germanic surnames, or 'family names' were typically derived from occupations, locations, or physical characteristics regarding the individual who was given the name.

Today, the most prominent manifestations of the Schenfelein surname are in Germany and the US, although it is also found sporadically in other European countries. This surname is an interesting example of how a simple object can influence the formation of one's identity.

Variations of the surname Schenfelein

The surname Schenfelein is of German origin. It is derived from the German words "Schäf" which refers to a shepherd, and "Elein" which means little. Alternative spellings or variants of the name Schenfelein include Sheinfeld, Sheinfeldt, Sheinfels, Sheinfelt, Scheinfeld, Scheinfeldt, Scheinfels, Scheinfelt, Sheinfelde, Sheinfeldte, Sheinfelse, Sheinfelte, Scheinfelde, Scheinfeldte, Scheinfelse, Scheinfelte, Scheinfehl and Scheinfehlte.

Some derivative surnames for Schenfelein include Schein, Scheiner, Shein, Sheiner and Sheinfeld. Other derivative surnames include Scheinfeld, Scheinfel, Sheinfel, Sheinfeldc and Scheinfelse.

The surname has many international variants, including Scheinfeld (Jewish), Sheinfeld (Russian and Ukrainian), Sceinfein (Latvian), Szajnfelner (Polish), Seinfeld (Yiddish), and Shajnfeld (Belarusian). Variant spellings of the surname include Sceinfield, Shainfeld, Schainfeld, Szajnfeld, Sheinfeldt, Sheinfelt, Scheinfeldt, Scheinfelt, Scheinfehl, and Scheinfehlte.

In the United States, the variants of the surname Schenfelein include Sheinfeld, Scheinfeld, Scheinfield, and Scheinfeld. Variant spellings found in the US are primarily Sheinfelt, Scheinfeldt, and Scheinfelt, while Scheinfehl and Scheinfehlte are also seen occasionally. Other variant spellings found in some other countries include Sceinfein (Latvia), Szajnfelner (Poland), Seinfeld (Yiddish), and Shajnfeld (Belarusian).

Famous people with the name Schenfelein

  • Rudolf Schenfelein (1848: 1910) was a German banker and member of the Reichstag.
  • Ludwig Schenfelein (1835: 1922) was a German composer.
  • Karl Schenfelein (1850: 1905) was a Dutch-born chess master and theorist.
  • Ernst Schenfelein (1847: 1921) was a German businessman and politician.
  • Eugen Schenfelein (1902: 1978) was a German sociologist.
  • Ferdinand Schenfelein (1853: 1925) was a German writer and philosopher.
  • Julius Schenfelein (1856: 1934) was a German composer.
  • Paul Schenfelein (1860: 1933) was a German lawyer and politician.
  • Agnes Schenfelein (1876: 1951) was a German stage actress.
  • Fritz Schenfelein (1909: 1995) was an Austrian actor.
  • Robert Schenfelein (1899: 1981) was an Austrian doctor of philosophy and theologian.
  • Frank Schenfelein (born 1936) is a German chemist.
  • Wolfgang Schenfelein (born 1956) is a German footballer.
  • Reiner Schenfelein (born 1958) is a German professional footballer.

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