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Surname Schieberl - Meaning and Origin

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Schieberl: What does the surname Schieberl mean?

The last name Schieberl is a German surname. It is derived from the old German word "Schiebe," which means "shift," and the suffix "-erl," which was used to signify a small or lesser version of something. Historically, the Schieberl surname was often associated with people who were merchants or traders. This suggests that the name may be occupational in origin, referring to an individual who bought and sold goods in a small market.

The use of this surname today is widespread, with occurrences throughout Europe and North America. It is an occupational surname derived from people who bought, sold, and bartered goods in the Middle Ages. Furthermore, some people with the surname Schieberl were tradesmen who frequently shifted locations in search of customers.

The name Schieberl indicates that a person has a background in commerce. As with most German surnames, Schieberl is a strong indication of family ties and a shared heritage. Because of its strong presence in German history, the surname Schieberl denotes a proud cultural legacy, one that goes all the way back to the Middle Ages.

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Schieberl: Where does the name Schieberl come from?

The last name Schieberl is quite common in Austria, Germany, and several other European countries. It is derived from the Middle High German word 'schieberl', meaning 'servant' or 'wagoner'. In Austria, the name is quite prevalent in Vienna and the eastern region. In Germany, it is especially popular in the states of Thuringia, Bavaria, and Saxony.

In the United States, the surname is most common in Pennsylvania and several other states with large German-American populations. Schieberl can also be found in Canada, particularly in provinces with large German-Canadian populations such as Ontario and Alberta.

The surname has several variants, including Schiebel, Scheeber, Schiebler, Schiaber, Schiabler, Schiabel, Schiabhel, Schiabl, Schiabler, and Schiabweler. It's not clear when exactly the Schieberl family began using this surname, though it's likely to have been during the late 16th century.

The most famous person with this last name is German musician Matthias Schiabel, best known for his concertos for flute, guitar, and other instruments. Other notable people with this surname include Austrian writers Konrad Schiebeler (1820–1905) and Johann Schieberl (1777–1837), as well as American journalist and wartime correspondent Noel Schiebel.

Variations of the surname Schieberl

The Schieberl surname is a German occupational name derived from the Middle High German words "schiefer" and "leder" meaning "slanting leather". The variants and spellings of the same origin for the surname are: Shieberl, Schieberle, Scheeberl, Schiebel, Scheibel, Scheibler, Scheibal, Scheibelhofer, Schybel, Schibel, Schybbe, Schybbel, Schieferl, Schieferle, Schiefler, Schyerler, Schybler, Schybller, Schybber, Schybel, Schyble, Scheyler, Scheylar and Schyller. Other spellings include Sheeberle, Sheeberl, Shierbel, and Shierbelle.

The surname was quite common in the medieval past, and the variants and spellings listed can be found especially in Bavaria, the Palatine region, and the region of Oberösterreich. The geographical surname distribution of Schieberls across the German-speaking lands is rather widespread.

The surnames most closely associated with this last name are: Schieferle, Scheibel, Scheibelhofer, Schybel, Schybler, and Schybbe. Many of the variants dropped "erl" in East European countries. Variants of the Schieberl surname can also be found in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Hungary. Surnames such as Schybler and Schyller have been observed to be particularly popular in the United States.

Famous people with the name Schieberl

  • Joey Schieberl: A professional American golfer
  • Michael Schieberl: An Austrian Cross Country and Marathon skier
  • Maximilian Schieberl: An Austrian 2020 Olympic Figure Skater
  • Anni Schieberl: An Austrian physiotherapist and handball coach
  • Harold Schieberl: An American voice actor and announcer
  • Harry Schieberl: An American professional football player
  • Joseph Schieberl: An American Paralympian
  • Uta Schieberl: An Austrian children’s writer
  • Peter Schieberl: An Austrian swimming coach
  • Petar Schieberl: A Croatian loneliness counselor and author

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