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Surname Schölhorn - Meaning and Origin

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Schölhorn: What does the surname Schölhorn mean?

The surname Schölhorn is of German origin and can be translated as "horn maker", or more specifically "bell horn maker". The German word "Schölle" means "horn" and "Horn" refers to the musical instrument. It is believed that those with the surname Schölhorn were originally makers of musical instruments, and they were most likely located in the southwestern region of Germany. The family likely used the surname to differentiate themselves from other tradesmen in the area.

The surname Schölhorn can also be found in North America, likely as a result of 19th century immigration. Records indicate that a family with the surname Schölhorn settled in Ohio sometime in the 1830s, and the surname soon spread across the United States.

Although it is unclear exactly how many people currently bear the surname Schölhorn, the surname is still relatively common throughout Germany and in a few areas of the United States. Those with the surname Schölhorn are often proud of their background and take pride in their craftsman heritage.

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Schölhorn: Where does the name Schölhorn come from?

The last name Schölhorn is most commonly found in Germany today. It is a German surname dating back to the Middle Ages and it is believed to originate from the medieval German personal name "Scholhart", which incorporates the elements “schol” (school) and “hart” (brave). According to a genealogy database called “Geneanet”, the Schölhorn name is most frequently listed in the German states of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria, however it can also be found throughout other areas of Germany, as well as parts of Austria and Switzerland.

The earliest known recording of the Schölhorn name in Germany dates back to 1196 in the city of Rotenburg, with the birth of a Heinrich Scholhartus. Throughout his life, he held various positions of authority at the court of Ludwig III, the Landgrave of Thuringia, and is now considered the progenitor of the Schölhorn family. Records show that the Schölhorn family continued to be prominent in the city of Rotenburg until the late 1600s, when the name began to spread to other parts of Germany.

Although the name’s popularity has waned in the last few centuries, it is still one of the more common surnames in Germany today. It can often be found in German phone books, local registries, address databases, and other official records. While the number of people bearing the name Schölhorn is diminishing, it is still an important part of the German identity today.

Variations of the surname Schölhorn

The surname Schölhorn is a German name that is derived from the Old High German personal name “Cholhard” which is composed of two German words, “chol” meaning “bold” and “hard” meaning “strong”. The variant, alternative spellings and surnames of the same origin for Schölhorn are listed below.

Variant spellings of the surname can include: Scholhorn, Schoehlhorn, Schoelhorn, Schohlhorn, Sholhorn, Schulhorn, Chouelhorne, Schulhorne.

The surname Schölhorn may also appear within a variety of closely related names, including but not limited to Schoeler, Schoelerhorn, Schoelzlhorn, Schoeller, Scholhaus, Scholl, Scholler, Schollenberger, Schollern and Scholles.

Derived surnames include Scholey, Schoern, Scholch, Scholz, Schurz, Schurzmann, Schutz, Schuting, Shool and Shor.

The surname Schölhorn may also be seen in some variants of other surnames, such as: Hinschhorn, Scholchen, Scholcken, Scholkin, Schollard and Scholscheck.

In addition, the surname Schölhorn may also be found in some form of foreign translation, such as the name translated into Dutch, Scholhorst. Lastly, anglicizations of the name may be seen as Schollhorn or Scholhorn.

Famous people with the name Schölhorn

  • Katrin Schölhorn, German politician
  • Thomas Schölhorn, German writer and director
  • Mathias Schölhorn, German film director
  • Joern Schölhorn, a German actor and stuntman
  • Sacha Schölhorn, German singer-songwriter
  • Harald Schölhorn, German journalist
  • Uwe Schölhorn, German politician
  • Janina Schölhorn, German politician
  • Klaus Schölhorn, German actor
  • Fabian Schölhorn, German film producer and director

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