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Surname Schrogin - Meaning and Origin

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Schrogin: What does the surname Schrogin mean?

The last name Schrogin is of German origin. It is derived from the word 'Schroge', which means 'stern' or 'hard'. This suggests that the ancestors of those bearing the Schrogin family name were considered to be stern-faced or stern-natured.

Interestingly, the word Schroger is also associated with a type of iron that was used to make weapons and tools by blacksmiths during the early medieval period. This suggests that the original bearer of the Schrogin last name may have been a skilled blacksmith or craftsman.

The Schrogin family name can also be linked to words in the German language which reflect characteristics such as strength and perseverance. This hints at the fact that those of the Schrogin family have historically been highly resilient and strong-willed.

The Schrogin name is steeped in history and tradition, and it remains an important part of many Germanic families today. Those of the Schrogin family are proud of their ancestry and take pride in preserving their family story through the generations.

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Schrogin: Where does the name Schrogin come from?

The last name Schrogin is not as common today as it once was in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In the United States, the name is primarily found on the East Coast and in Texas. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, the surname Schrogin is only found in four states in 2019. It is primarily seen in New York, Pennsylvania, and California. It is also recorded with fewer current instances in Texas. It is believed that the name originated with early Jewish immigrants of German and Russian backgrounds. In the 2020 U.S. Census, there were only 246 people listed as Schrogin, with the majority of them found in the states already mentioned. Further research into where the last name Schrogin is found today can be done as the U.S. census is updated. It can also be researched further into the Jewish genealogical databases and records of the Forebears website. By researching the different records of migration and immigration of the Jewish people, one is able to better understand where and how the last name Schrogin was found in the United States today.

Variations of the surname Schrogin

Schrogin is a surname of German origin. It is believed to have derived from a pet form of the given name Gregor, which itself is from the Latin ‘Gregorius’. This surname is rarely found outside of Germany.

The primary spelling of the Schrogin surname is, of course, Schrogin, but there are several other variants or spellings of the Schrogin surname. These are: Schroginn, Schrögen, Schrögenn, Schrögin, Schröginn, Schrogina, Schrögina, Schrogine, Schrögine, Schragon, Schrögon, Schrogon, Schrögon, Schrogun, and Schrögun.

Some of the surnames derived from Schrogin include: Schrogini, Schroginski, Schröginski, Schroginsohn, Schröginson, Schroginsky, and Schröginsky.

Overall, the Schrogin surname is not very common and is, mostly, found in Germany. It is often associated with other surnames derived from a pet form of the given name Gregor.

Famous people with the name Schrogin

  • Wolfgang Schrodinger: Nobel Prize-winning physicist.
  • Wilfrid Schrogin: Canadian politician
  • Theodore Schrodinger: German chemist
  • Robert Schrodinger: Austrian physicist
  • Nigel Schrodinger: British musical conductor
  • Mary M. Schrogin:American attorney and professor
  • Giselle Schrodinger: South African actress
  • Elijah Schrodinger: New Zealand politician
  • Faith Schrogin: American artist and poet
  • Gerard Schrodinger: Austrian physicist

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