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Surname Scites - Meaning and Origin

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Scites: What does the surname Scites mean?

The surname Scites is unique and doesn't have a direct meaning traced back to any specific country or language. It is considered an Anglo-Saxon surname, a category that includes names derived from the language of the Anglo-Saxons, a group of tribes who inhabited Great Britain from the 5th century. However, no specific or direct meaning attached to the name Scites is known. Surnames during the Anglo-Saxon period often represented one's occupation, location, parentage, or character traits. Like many surnames, Scites could have morphed over time due to shifts in language and pronunciation. The detailed meaning and origin of the surname Scites may only be found by researching family history and genealogy records. Variations of this surname are also evident across records, which might suggest its evolution over time. Lastly, like most surnames, it must be recognized that while studying a surname can reveal certain information about a family's history, it may not define the current generation's identity or characteristics.

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Scites: Where does the name Scites come from?

The last name Scites is most commonly found in the United States today, in states such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana.

The exact origin of the Scites last name is unclear but some have argued it’s either of Scottish or English aristocratic roots. It’s believed to have originated from the surnames of ancient families. Most records online suggest the Scites family were living in England as early as the 12th century, but some records suggest they migrated to North America from Scotland in the 17th century.

The meaning of the name is probably derived from a combination of Old English and Old English-based words, such as “scite” or “scitta” meaning “small”. This name was used to designate people of small stature or of humble origins and status.

Today, Scites is primarily found in Alabama, though it may be encountered in other areas of the United States. It is most numerous in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, where it ranks fourth and fifth, respectively. Scites families frequent small towns and rural areas, and remain committed to their old-fashioned traditions and values. While Scites is still considered a rather uncommon last name, its presence has continued to grow in the United States.

Variations of the surname Scites

The surname Scites can have various spellings of its origin. Its alternate spellings and variants include Scyte, Scytes, Scythes, Sghite, Skite, Skitee, Skites, Cite, Cites, and etc.

The surname Scites is derived from a word in ancient Greek. A creature named ‘Σκητης’ (Skites) appears in Greek mythology as a character from the battle between the Greek gods and the Titans. The word ‘Skites’ means a shielder or defender against attack, which is often used to refer to soldiers in Greek literature.

In Britain, the surname Scites is associated with a family of Norman origin which was found in Worcestershire in 12th century. The earliest record of the surname was a listed as Robert de Scyts in the Pipe Rolls of Worcestershire in 1202.

Scites is an uncommon British surname found mainly in the West Midlands and South East England. Variants of the surname are found in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand but due to emigration.

Other surname spellings include Skyte, Skite, and Citee. Another variant of the surname Scites is the French-based Sceytes, which is derived from the French word 'Sciété', meaning society.

Despite the varying spellings, the origins of the surname and of those who bear it remains the same. It is derived from the Old French term ‘scye’, then later ‘scite’, meaning a defender or shielder.

Famous people with the name Scites

  • Taylor Scites: Professional Basketball Player
  • Ashley Scites: Award Winning Country Music Artist
  • Kathryn Scites: Professional Figure Skater
  • Max Scites: Actor
  • Sean Scites: Radio Host
  • Joe Scites: Professional Golfer
  • John Scites: Former Professional Football Player
  • Bob Scites: International Painter and Sculptor
  • Stephanie Scites: Award Winning Actress
  • Annabel Scites: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
  • J.R. Scites: Author
  • Hannah Scites: Internationally Renowned Choreographer
  • Mike Scites: Cross-Country Cyclist
  • Rob Scites: Social Media Influencer and Adventurer
  • Anna Scites: Documentary Filmmaker
  • Susan Scites: Award Winning Musician
  • Ryan Scites: YouTube Star
  • Tim Scites: Professional Snowboarder
  • Jim Scites: Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Mick Scites: Professional Skateboarder

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