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Surname Scofield - Meaning and Origin

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Scofield: What does the surname Scofield mean?

Scofield is an English surname, primarily geographically-based, derived from the Old English words "scoh" meaning "shade" and "feld" meaning "field". Thus, put together, Scofield means "shady field" or "field with a shed". The name likely originates from an area known for its shady fields which served as a landmark or important characteristic of the region. It first emerged in Lancashire during the Middle Ages. Variants of the name can include Scolefield, Skofield, and Schofield, among others. As with many surnames, it's believed that Scofield was adopted as a surname by people who hailed from a place called Scofield, or for those who lived near or worked in shady, cool fields. The surname appears to have first been recorded in the 13th century in Lancashire, England. In modern times, the name is internationally recognized, not least because of the popular TV show ‘Prison Break’, which features a lead character named Michael Scofield.

Scofield: Where does the name Scofield come from?

The last name Scofield is most commonly seen in the United States. According to the US Census Bureau, there were more than 2,700 people with this surname in the United States in 2020. Most of those individuals live in the Midwest, particularly in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.

The last name Scofield also appears in significant numbers in the United Kingdom and parts of Canada, although the largest concentration is in the US. In England, it is commonly seen in Lancashire, Kent, and Surrey. Canada also has significant populations of Scofields, particularly in Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

In addition, there are many people from other parts of the world who carry this surname. Smaller clusters of Scofields can be found in France, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Other countries, such as South Africa, Brazil, India, Japan, and South Korea, have smaller, but still notable, populations of individuals with this surname.

No matter where they live, individuals with this surname have a shared heritage that is unique to them. Scofield is a name that has endured and been passed down through generations of families, and its geographical presence today is a testament to its fascinating history.

Variations of the surname Scofield

The surname Scofield has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. It is an anglicized version of the older French name Escoufier, which is a combination of two words: escou, meaning “shield” or “protection”, and fier, meaning “brave” or “strong”.

The variant spellings of the surname include Scovell, Scovel, Scovelle, Scovell, Scofild, Scofil, Skovill, and Scofiel. It may also be spelled with the double L as in Scoville. There are also other surnames with similar origins, such as Escoville, Scovile, Scovill, and Scoville.

Scoville is also a surname derived from this root. It is of English origin and the spelling is sometimes spelled with the double L as in Scovill. It is derived from an Anglo-Norman personal-name Escoufier, which is composed of the elements escou, which means shield, and fer, which means brave.

The surnames Escoville and Schofield are also derived from this root. Escoville is of English origin, deriving from an Anglo-French personal name Escoufier, while Schofield is of English and German origin, deriving from a Middle English personal name named after a field found and owned by someone with the surname Schofield.

In Scotland, the surname Scofield is associated with Clan MacFie. It is the anglicised form of Gaelic MacDubhshlioch, meaning “son of the dark soldier”, and is also known as MacDuffie and Macduffy.

In summary, the surname Scofield has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, including Scovell, Scovel, Scovelle, Scovell, Scofild, Scofil, Skovill, and Scofiel, as well as Escoville, Scovile, Scovill, and Scoville. It is also associated with Clan MacFie in Scotland.

Famous people with the name Scofield

  • Harrison Scofield: Emmy nominated filmmaker
  • Steve Scofield: Actor in the television series NCIS
  • William Scofield: 19th-century American politician
  • Sarah Scofield: American modernist painter
  • Richard Scofield: Former Royal Air Force officer
  • Edward Scofield: English-born American Impressionist painter
  • E. B. Scofield: 19th-century American theologian
  • Alfred Scofield: English cricketer
  • Cameron Scofield: Actor in the television series Passions
  • André Scofield: French Canadian painter
  • Patti Scofield: Actress in the television series Babylon 5
  • Sam Scofield: Actor in the television series General Hospital
  • Michael Scofield: Character in the television series Prison Break
  • Denise Scofield: Singer with the band The Whisper Sisters
  • Henry Scofield: American Civil War veteran
  • Linda Scofield: Activist and author
  • Bob Scofield: Author of several children's books
  • Simon Scofield: English percussionist, recording artist, and author
  • R. B. Scofield: American diplomat and lawyer
  • Brett Scofield: Actor in the television series Young Blades
  • Karen Scofield: Curse breaker and author

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