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Surname Semeraro - Meaning and Origin

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Semeraro: What does the surname Semeraro mean?

Semeraro is an Italian surname, native to the Apulia region in southeastern Italy. It comes from the word 'semera', which in the local dialect means 'semeri', or 'lard' in English. This nickname was typically given to hog butchers, suggesting that this might have been the profession of the paternal originators of the name. Over time, the nickname has evolved into a surname. Bearing regional and professional significance, the surname Semeraro is thus a representative of Italy's culturally rich tradition of occupational surnames, telling a story about the ancestors and their livelihoods. Nevertheless, like many other surnames, a definitive etymology of Semeraro can be complex as it could also have variant meanings in different regional contexts.

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Semeraro: Where does the name Semeraro come from?

The last name Semeraro is most commonly found within Italy, and is especially prevalent in the Apulia and Abruzzo regions. Further research has revealed that the most significant concentration of the Semeraro name is in the Italian province of Foggia. With the surname being fairly rare outside of Italy, pockets of people with the Semeraro name can also be found in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand through various Italian migrations.

The Semeraro surname is thought to have originated from the Middle Ages and be of Medieval Italian influence. It is likely derived from the Medieval Italian personal name, “Semeraro”, itself derived from the Latin word “sembere”, meaning to sow and plant. Some experts suggest the name is an occupational one, used to identify someone who would sow and harvest crops, while other theories suggest that it is derived from the place of origin, or was an inheritance name and is more likely a patronymic one, derived from the father's given name.

The Semeraro name is deeply rooted in Italian culture and traditions, and has likely been around for centuries. It is also recognizable in a variety of spellings, as surnames varied across regions and were often changed when they crossed borders. It is an interesting name to research and explore, as there is likely more to uncover and learn about its notable, centuries-long history.

Variations of the surname Semeraro

The surname Semeraro is an Italian surname and can be found in various spellings and variants. Any of the following spellings can be used for the same surname:






The surname Semeraro originated from the Southern regions of Italy and can be of either Sicilian or Neapolitan origin. Historically, the name stems from the Latin root ‘semer’ which translates to ‘sow’ or ‘seed’ and took its influence from Medieval times when it was used to describe those who hoed or sowed the fields.

As the name spread throughout Europe, other countries began to adopt the name and anglicized its spelling. The anglicized versions of Semeraro are:






Similar surnames that come from Italy with roots in the same Latin root word include:






In addition, the occasional surname Someraro also appears in records. It is a slightly misspelled version of Semeraro, and was likely introduced to Italian lineages of other nations and therefore the spelling was slightly off.

In summary, Semeraro is an Italian surname that is most commonly spelled with a single ‘r’, however has accumulated various different spellings and variants over the years due to its diverse spread throughout Europe.

Famous people with the name Semeraro

  • Max Semeraro: American former NBA player known for his stints with the New Jersey Nets and Denver Nuggets.
  • Carl Semeraro: Italian television director and producer. He has also written a novel, "Tutto cominciò con quel bacio"
  • Gabriel Semeraro: Argentinian film director who directed the 2014 feature film "White Elephant".
  • Ferdinando Semeraro: Italian Cardinal and Bishop of Agrigento.
  • Giovanni Semeraro: acclaimed Italian mathematician known for his contributions to mathematical and numerical analysis.
  • Antonio Semeraro: Italian professional chess player and Grandmaster.
  • Michele Semeraro: Italian LGBT rights activist and theatre director.
  • Frank Semeraro: American abstract expressionist painter and printmaker.
  • Rob Semeraro: American professional skateboarder known for competing at the X Games and the Extreme Sports Tour.
  • Julian Semeraro: Ecuadorian professional football player currently playing for Aucas Quito.

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