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Surname Settle/Suttle - Meaning and Origin

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Settle/Suttle: What does the surname Settle/Suttle mean?

The surname Settle or Suttle is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the Old English terms "setl," which means "seat" or "dwelling," or "sǣtere," which refers to a "dweller or occupant." Therefore, the name likely belonged initially to someone who was a dweller or occupant of a certain area or house or possibly someone who made seats or seating furniture, namely a carpenter. Instances of the surname date back to the 11th century in England. The name has numerous spelling variations, including Settle, Suttle, Setl, Setel, and many more due to the evolutionary nature of languages and the phonetic spelling of early scribes. The geographic distribution of the Settle/Suttle family shows a strong concentration in the United Kingdom and United States, reflecting the historical movements and migrations of peoples.

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Settle/Suttle: Where does the name Settle/Suttle come from?

The last name Settle/Suttle is common in parts of the United Kingdom and parts of the United States. According to the United Kingdom’s national records, Settle is the 569th most common surname in England, and has a larger frequency in the north than the south. In the United States, Suttle is the 4,821st most cited surname, according to the US Census. The Suttle variant of the name is primarily in the central and southern states.

Settle/Suttle is likely a toponymic last name, derived from a location or region in which the original bearer lived. This was a common practice among certain British families during the Middle Ages, and such names are often found in England’s regional records. One potential origin place for both variants of the name is the village of Settle, located in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the Suttle variant of the name is believed to have originated with early British immigrant settlers. Historians note that several branches of the Suttle family arrived in colonial-era Virginia as early as the mid-17th century. The Suttle family spread to other parts of the US over the centuries, and today Suttle is found anywhere from the Carolinas to Arizona.

Variations of the surname Settle/Suttle

Settle and Suttle are variants and spellings of the same surname. It is of English origin, derived from the Middle English word “settel,” which means “dweller by a settlement or village.” The surname may also have been derived from the Middle English word “setlle,” which means “to arrange” or “settle.”

Variant spellings for the surname Settle/Suttle include Settel, Settle, Settell, Setlle, Sittel, Seatle, Sitlle, and more.

Variation surnames of Settle/Suttle include Settel, Setl, Settler, Siddle, Sidle, Settlew, Siddleys, Seidl, Seidel, Sette, Settlage, Settlee, Settleman, Settles, Settegast, and more.

The surname Settle/Suttle comes from England and was first recorded in the counties of Lancashire and Wiltshire in the Middle Ages. Other areas it can be found include Scotland, Ireland, Wales, New England, and other parts of the United States.

The Settle/Suttle surname is still present today, although it may be rare in some areas. Many of its variant spellings and surnames are also still in use today.

Famous people with the name Settle/Suttle

  • Thomas Settle (1780: 1845): An American politician, he served as a U.S. Representative from North Carolina from 1817 to 1821 and then as a state politician until his death.
  • Christopher Settle (born 1966): An English actor, best known for his role as magician David Blaine in the Hallmark TV movie Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed.
  • Benjamin Settle (1726: 1795): An English both artist and jewelry manufacturer, best known for manufacturing jewelry for the English court.
  • George Settle (1768: 1854): An American surveyor and politician, he served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1797 to 1802 and became the first U.S. Surveyor-General of the Virginia Land Office.
  • Sylvester J. Settle (1867: 1930): An American politician, he served in the New York State Assembly for two terms.
  • Joshua Settle (1819: 1890): An American businessman, he was a co-founder of Settle and Son, a successful accounting company.
  • Thomas D. Suttle (1943: 2010)– An American writer, he wrote the book “Devil’s Revelation: A Chilling Nighttime Adventure in Hell” in 1989.
  • Gifford Settle (born 1954): An actor, director, and teacher, most known for directing “Cinderfella” at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in New York.
  • Calvin Suttle (1908: 1975): An American theologian, he was a leader in the United Church of Christ and advocated for progressive Protestantism.
  • Jill Settle (born 1965): An American comedian and actress, best known for her role on NBC's sitcom, "Just Shoot Me!" and for her one-woman show, "My Stepmother Is An Alien."

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