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Surname Shiner - Meaning and Origin

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Shiner: What does the surname Shiner mean?

The surname Shiner is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from an occupation. It was first used to refer to a person who made or polished armor or other objects made from metal, often a local blacksmith. Coming from the Old English term "scinere," which means "shiner" or "bright," it indicated a person who made dull objects shine. Over time, this occupational nickname evolved into a surname. Like many old English names, spelling variations like "Shinner" and "Chiner" can be found in the historical records. In some cases, the name may have been used to denote a person with a cheerful or jolly disposition. The surname is common in England, particularly in the southern counties. Though not as prevalent, it can also be found in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Despite its origins, it has since spread all over the world due to migration.

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Shiner: Where does the name Shiner come from?

The last name Shiner is most commonly found in the United States. It is primarily concentrated in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. According to the US Census Bureau, between 2000 and 2018, the population of people bearing the last name Shiner jumped from 11,852 to 15,279 throughout the country.

The most Shiner’s in the US can be found in the Philadelphia area and southeastern Pennsylvania. The cities of Reading and Allentown are particularly popular spots to find the last name Shiner. Bucks County, located on the easternmost border of Pennsylvania, is home to a significant number of Shiners, and Montgomery and Chester Counties both have several hundred inhabitants with this last name.

Shiners can also be found in other parts of the mid-Atlantic in cities like Baltimore, Maryland; Bronx, New York; and Washington D.C. In Ohio, the counties of Franklin, Lorain, and Tuscarawas also have numerous Shiners.

Shiner appears to be more rare throughout the rest of the United States, but is still a popular last name in most of the eastern states. A small number of Shiners can be found in states like Massachusetts, Indiana, Arizona, and California. Internationally, there are Shiners in Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Shiner

Shiner is a German surname, which is derived from the Middle High German word “sciner”, which means “one who shines or gleams”.

Variants of the surname Shiner include Schiner, Schöniger, Schöner, Schnir, Schener, Schenor, and Schenerl.

Spelling variants of the surname Shiner include Schiner, Schoehnegger, Schoener, Schoniger, Schoenehuber, Schnayer, Schoecher, Scheneberger, Shinaer, Shener, Shenberger, and Schneer.

Surnames of the same origin as Shiner include Schoen, Shin, Shiener, Sheiner, Shinners, Shinall, Shine, Shineroff, Shinabarger, Shinault, Singhauer, Schoeneman, and Schones.

Shiner is also an alternative spelling of the surname Scheiner, which is a Jewish surname derived from the Middle High German word “scheiner”, which means “outstanding, glittering, colorful”.

Variations of the surname Scheiner include Sheiner, Sheinerl, Schene, Schein, Scheinerling, Scheinerhaus, Scheinerbauer, Shapiro, and Schneer.

Spelling variants of the surname Scheiner include Schein, Schain, Schaine, Schiener, Schien, Schier, Chainer, Chainor, and Chainerle.

Surnames of the same origin as Scheiner include Shiner, Shinn, Shinaberger, Shinholt, Shinners, Scheinfeld, Schienberg, Schienfeld, Shapiro, and Shire.

Famous people with the name Shiner

  • Marc Shiner: American actor and comedian who has appeared on numerous television shows including Friends, Seinfeld, and The Middle.
  • Robert Shiner: American entrepreneur and former CEO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers.
  • Jack Shiner: Professional American ski jumper, notable for winning the silver medal at the 1968 Winter Olympics.
  • Tony Shiner: British director whose film and television credits include include Franklyn, An Education, and Torchwood.
  • Rebecca Shiner: Canadian actress and singer who plays Renee Fowler on Corner Gas.
  • Rachel Shiner: British children’s author and illustrator best known for her debut novel, The Witch of Gostos.
  • Eric Shiner: American art dealer and curator, formerly the director of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.
  • Richard Shiner: Retired American race car driver and father of three NASCAR champions.
  • Sam Shiner: American film and television director and producer, notable for his work on Alias and House of Lies.
  • Larry Shiner: American philosopher and scholar, best known for his research on the philosophy of art criticism.

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