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Surname Shingleton - Meaning and Origin

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Shingleton: What does the surname Shingleton mean?

Shingleton is an English surname of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is believed to be a locational surname representing a place named Shingleton likely based in England. There isn't any village or town persisting by this name today, so it might have been an ancient place that is now disappeared or have changed its name.

The surname is composed of two elements - 'scin' and 'dun'. In Old English 'scin' or 'scinn' means 'bright' or 'shining', and 'dun' stands for 'hill' or 'mound'. Therefore, Shingleton could figuratively mean 'bright hill' or 'shining mound'.

Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics. The Shingleton surname would have initially been given to someone who lived in or near a bright or shining hill. Over time, Shingleton has been found in many different countries, including the United States, England, and Australia, among others.

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Shingleton: Where does the name Shingleton come from?

The last name Shingleton is found mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

In the United States, the name Shingleton is relatively common, especially in the southeastern states. It is most common in the states of Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. According to, these four states accounted for 58% of people with the last name Shingleton in 2000. The next states with high concentrations of Shingletons include Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas.

The last name is also found in the UK. According to the surname database, England is home to even more Shingletons than the United States, and the name is especially popular in the counties of Kent and Sussex. Scotland also has a few hundred Shingletons, and they are more heavily concentrated in the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Finally, in Canada the name is most common in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec. It is especially popular in the cities of Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.

Overall, the last name Shingleton is found primarily in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, with its highest concentrations in the southeastern United States and the cities mentioned above.

Variations of the surname Shingleton

The surname Shingleton has a variety of spelling and surname variants that can be traced back to the same origin. The surname is most likely derived from the Old English or Norman words ‘scin’ or ‘scar’, which both refer to a person with shingled hair. Thus, the variants of Shingleton include: Shinton, Sheen, Shineton, Shineton, Shintone, Shenton, Shinetone, Shearington, Shearinton, Schearington and Shynidon.

Shingletons of Scottish origin often take the variation of Sheen, which derives from the place name Sheen in Scotland. Sheen is an anglicized version of the Gaelic ‘Sruthan’ which also translates to ‘shingled’. In Ireland, it can also be seen as Shearington, which likely originates from the Irish ‘Sean’ or ‘Shean’. In Wales, the surname Shineton is most common and is a translation of the Welsh ‘Esgidig’.

Some Shingletons have Americanised their surnames to Shintone, Shinetone or Synetone. This change may be due to the difficulty that Irish immigrants had pronouncing the original surname. Similarly, the surname Schearington was adopted by some American Shingletons; it is likely a variation of Shearington.

Lastly, the variant Shynidon can also be seen as a variation of Shingleton. Shynidon is an old Norman name derived from the French preposition word 'sion' which combined with 'den', meaning 'valley', makes it roughly translate to 'shining valley.' Thus, this variation of the surname is equally as valid as the original.

Overall, there are a number of valid spellings and surnames that are all related to the surname Shingleton. In a few cases, the change is related to the local language, culture and history of the region in which the surname was adopted.

Famous people with the name Shingleton

  • Cynthia Shingleton: Emmy and SAG winning voice actress best known for voicing characters in the television series King of the Hill.
  • Charles Shingleton: British actor and film producer.
  • Seth Shingleton: American singer and songwriter.
  • Ellis Shingleton: American newspaper columnist and TV commentator.
  • Tom Shingleton: Canadian ice hockey defenseman and coach.
  • Amy Shingleton: American author, speaker, and podcast-host.
  • William Shingleton: British professional golfer.
  • Bertha Shingleton: American painter and illustrator.
  • Neil Shingleton: Welsh artist and author.
  • Ethel Shingleton: American actress who was prominent on stage during the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Mike Shingleton: Canadian retired professional ice hockey goaltender.
  • Jefferson Shingleton: American Army and Marine veteran of World war II and winner of two Purple Hearts.
  • Brad Shingleton: Canadian mixed martial arts fighter.
  • Will Shingleton: British actor and television presenter.
  • Michael Shingleton: American musician and record producer.
  • Walter Shingleton: Australian politician and Member of Parliament.
  • Audrey Shingleton: English cricketer who represented the England women’s national cricket team.
  • Jean Shingleton: British trade union organiser and politician.
  • Horace Shingleton: British trade unionist and Labour Party politician.
  • Jonathan Shingleton: British author and actor.

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