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Surname Skeffington - Meaning and Origin

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Skeffington: What does the surname Skeffington mean?

The last name Skeffington is thought to have originated from England or Ireland. Derived from an old Irish clan name, the surname is believed to have originally come from the village of Skeffington in the East Midlands of England with the prefix 'Skeff' meaning 'swath of cut grass'. Later, a branch of the clan migrated to Ireland and began using the Irish version of the name, O'ScuimGince.

In Old English, the name Skeffington is thought to mean 'swath of cut grass', referring to an area of mowed grass used as a path between crops. The area of Skeffington in the East Midlands of England is located in an area of natural beauty, with rolling hills and a river running through it.

The Skeffington surname has continued to be used over the centuries, and was spread all over the British Isles by the 1500s, with the clan making its way to North America in the 18th Century. The Skeffington surname is often associated with loyalty and honesty, as they are thought to be hardworking and diligent individuals.

Today, the Skeffington name is still found in Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada and America, with thousands of people descended from the original Skeffington family still using the name and proudly sharing it as part of their heritage.

Skeffington: Where does the name Skeffington come from?

The last name Skeffington is most commonly found in Northwestern Europe and North America.

In the United Kingdom, Skeffington can be found throughout England, with significant clusters in the counties of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. In Scotland, the name is more prominent on the islands than elsewhere. In Wales, Skeffington is especially common in the neighboring counties of Flintshire and Denbighshire.

In Ireland, Skeffington is mainly concentrated in the counties Offaly, Galway, and Clare. It is estimated that the name is shared by more than 10,000 people in modern-day Ireland.

In the United States, the last name Skeffington is especially common in Massachusetts and New Jersey. In fact, one of the first recorded settlers of this name in the United States was a James Skeffington, who arrived in the year 1655 from Ireland.

Additionally, the surname can also be found in countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand. No doubt, the Skeffington surname has a long and distinguished history that has carried it to many corners of the world.

Variations of the surname Skeffington

The surname Skeffington has a number of variants and spellings, as well as connected surnames of the same origin. Variants of Skeffington include Skeffingdon, Skeffyington, Skephenston, Skeffyngpton, Skephington, Skephenington and Skeffingstone. Spellings of the same surname can be slightly different and include Skeffinton, Skeppenston, Skeffenston, Skephaneston, Skephinton, Skephingtun, Shefington and Skeftington.

Surnames of the same origin as Skeffington include Skeffing, Skefan, Skep, Skefe, Skephi, Skeff, Skeffen, Skefifin and Skephe. It is believed that this family of names has its roots in the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain, with some links to Italy and the French region of Picardy.

In terms of spelling variations, Skeffington is most commonly spelled as Skephingston, Skefenston and Skephaneston. Variations of the surname with additional letter suffixes include Skeffingtona, Skephingtona, Skeffenstona and Skephanestona. Other related family names include Seffington, Kephinton, Sheppenston and Shepenston.

The variant Skefabing is derived from the Middle English word ‘skef’, which means vessel or ship, and the Old English word ‘fabing’, which means weaving, alluding to the fact that someone with this name would have prospered in the weaving industry.

All of these variations of the surname Skeffington are believed to have been derived from the Old English personal name Skeppan, which itself is derived from Old Norse Skopheinn, meaning "ship's friend."

Famous people with the name Skeffington

  • Henry Skeffington (18th century Irish barrister and Whig politician)
  • Noel Skeffington (Irish writer, broadcaster and actor)
  • William Skeffington (17th century Brigadier-General of the Irish Army)
  • Lillie Skeffington (born 1885, international traveler and arbiter of style)
  • Vaune Skeffington (20th century Canadian playwright)
  • Arthur Skeffington (founding settler of the Skeffington family in Canada)
  • Guy Skeffington (Canadian producer and director)
  • George Skeffington (Irish poet and musician)
  • William Skeffington (Irish poet and playwright)
  • Henry Skeffington (Irish journalist and writer)

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