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Surname Sligo - Meaning and Origin

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Sligo: What does the surname Sligo mean?

The surname Sligo is of Irish origin and it is a geographical or habitational name derived from the county and town of Sligo in Ireland. The name Sligo itself comes from the Irish "Sligeach," meaning "shelly place," which refers to the abundance of shellfish in the area. It's likely that people who bear this surname have ancestral ties to this part of Ireland. It is worth noting that surnames based on geographical locations were typically given to the lords or prominent residents of the area or to those who left the area to live or work in another region. Therefore, if the surname Sligo was adopted by an individual or family, it would suggest a significant connection to the area of Sligo in Ireland.

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Sligo: Where does the name Sligo come from?

The surname Sligo is today most commonly found in Ireland, particularly in the Province of Connaught, of which County Sligo is a part. The name derives from the Irish term “Sligeach”, translated as “grey lake”, in reference to the Lough Gill lake near Sligo. The area has been continually inhabited since at least 500 AD and the Sligo surname can be traced back to Norman settlers of the 12th century.

In more recent times, emigration has seen the surname spread to other parts of the world. In particular, it is now found in significant numbers in the United States, with many families tracing their ancestry back to the Irish potato famine of the 19th century. Australian communities also boast a large number of Sligos, likely due to the large Irish influence there in the 19th century.

Sligos continue to add to the Irish diaspora. A strong sense of heritage and identity bind them across time and oceans. In modern times this has been reflected in the prevalence of family reunions, with Sligos coming together from around the world. Additionally, the Internet has facilitated Sligos in connecting easily, with many actively engaging via Irish genealogy forums and social media.

Variations of the surname Sligo

Sligo is an Irish surname that is believed to have originated from the ancient Kingdom of Sliabh Lughaigh, located in the north of the island. Sligo is the anglicised version of the Gaelic form Sliabh Ling, and its variants include O’Sligheo, O’Sligigh, and Slighe.

Sloigh is the earliest form of the name and is found in the Annals of Ulster written in the 10th century. This is an anglicised form of the northern Irish Gaelic "Slighe", and is pronounced "Sly". It is often found as 'O Sloigh' to denote the 'blood of Sloigh'.

Slige is another common form of the surname, and is the original Gaelic form meaning 'fox'. Slighe is a variant spelling of the surname and is also an anglicisation of the same form as in Sloigh. It is believed to be the descendant of the original Sligo family.

O'Sligigh, O'Sligheo, and Sligheo are also variant forms of the surname and are related to O Sloigh. They are derived from the Gaelic 'O'Sligheo', which means 'blood of Sligo'. It is believed that this family originated in the ancient kingdom of Sliabh Lughaigh.

Other variants of Sligo include:

Slego, Slegoo, Sleigh, Sleight, and Slie. These spellings are uncommon and may have been derived from other British surnames.

The various variants, spellings, and surnames of Sligo all refer to a shared ancient origin, and the versions found today may be a combination of several different sources.

Famous people with the name Sligo

  • D.B. Sligo: He is a multi-talented individual that has had a hand in fields such as music, television, theater, and public relations. He has appeared on television networks including HBO, MTV, and Comedy Central.
  • Niall Sligo: He is a professional Gaelic footballer who has represented both Sligo and London. He has also competed in numerous international cups with the Ireland team.
  • Cody Sligo: He is a professional American basketball player who currently plays for the NBA G League’s Delaware Blue Coats.
  • Douglas Sligo: He is a retired American soccer midfielder who played for multiple teams during his career.
  • Scotty Sligo: He is a professional surfer who is well-known for his competitive performances in high-profile competitions.
  • "Vader" Sligo: He is a wrestler from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) franchise.
  • Caleb Sligo: He is a professional American football player who plays in the NFL for the Carolina Panthers.
  • William R. Sligo: He was a prominent figure in the early aviation history of the United States, and he was also a successful inventor in fields such as radio, television.

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