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Surname Soathard - Meaning and Origin

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Soathard: What does the surname Soathard mean?

The surname Soathard does not seem to have widely documented or recognized origin or meaning in the extensively established bodies of surname etymology or genealogy. It might be a surname that evolved from a geographic location, occupation, personal name or nickname, but its specific derivation is not clearly identified in available resources. People with this last name may be from various ethnic backgrounds. Each family with the name Soathard may have its own unique meaning or history. It is highly recommended for those interested in understanding more about the Soathard family history or name meaning to potentially conduct personal genealogical research or get a professional genealogist's assistance. Consider getting DNA tests to find more about your individual family history. Tools like ancestry databases can help trace the family tree and may provide some insights into the origin and meaning of the last name Soathard. Please remember that surnames can sometimes be anglicized or modified over generations, which can make tracing their origins challenging.

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Soathard: Where does the name Soathard come from?

The surname Soathard is of British origin and is believed to date back to the medieval period. Today, the surname is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, where it is most strongly concentrated in the East Midlands region. This region includes the English counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Rutland. It is also found in smaller numbers in other parts of England, such as Yorkshire, South East England and North West England, as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland. The surname is also found in Canada, where the earliest records of the name appear in the 1700s, and in the United States. In the United States, the surname is most strongly concentrated today in the states of California, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington, representing the areas in which English and British immigrants and their descendants settled in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Variations of the surname Soathard

The surname Soathard is an old English variant of the surname Southard and is also sometimes spelled 'Sothard or Sothar'. Southard is an anglicized version of the French-Norman surname, de Sudardi, which comes from a French expression meaning 'from the south'.

The various variants of the surname Southard are often used interchangeably and can be found in many different forms, such as: Southward, Soward, Sowards, Sowarde, Sowarth, Sowarths, Sjackard, Shackeard, Soxard, Sowar, Sowardes, Soutar, and Suter.

These variants also have multiple other spelling variations, such as: Southerd, Sutherd, Sodert, Sutherd, Sutherd, Suddert, Soathard, Soetheard, Soethard, Sowilt, Sowder, Sacarde, Sowhtherd, Souchard, Sowherd, and Suerte.

In addition to these variants, the surname Soathard may have related surnames that are not exactly the same, but share a common origin. For example, Sothern, Siegele, Sturt, Seath, Seitz, Seath, and Seighel.

Overall, the surname Soathard has many variants and spellings, as well as related surnames, that are all derived from the same origin. It is important to take into account the many variant spellings and related surnames when tracing your ancestry and family history.

Famous people with the name Soathard

  • Paul Southard: American actor best known for his television appearances on episodes of T.J. Hooker, Cagney and Lacey, and Knight Rider.
  • Masaki Southard: Former Japanese professional baseball player.
  • John Southard: American actor best known for his roles in The Graceful Intruder and Pinocchio in Outer Space.
  • Sara Southard: American craftswoman best known for creating handmade jewelry and mixed-media collages.
  • Emma Southard: British textile designer and illustrator whose vibrant designs have featured on everything from textiles to wallpaper.
  • Christine Southard: Award-winning producer and writer best known for producing the television show Cougar Town.
  • Richard Southard: American academic and author.
  • Robert Southard: British actor best known for his roles in the theater productions of The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Village Wooing, and Black Comedy.
  • Jack Southard: Former professional American baseball player.
  • John Southard: Prominent American politician.

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