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Surname Spaarwater - Meaning and Origin

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Spaarwater: What does the surname Spaarwater mean?

Spaarwater is a Dutch name, derived from the Old Dutch words 'sparen', meaning 'to save/store', and 'water', meaning 'water'. The surname literally means 'water storer', though it is unclear what it originally referred to. It could refer to someone who stored water for irrigation or for safekeeping, or it could refer to a lake or river where people stored their water.

Spaarwater may also have been a name denoting profession or a job title, referring to a person who was charged with the protecting and containment of precious water resources. In the past, during dry seasons or in dry climates, water was a scarce and valuable commodity that needed to be carefully managed. In this situation, water storers were held in high regard as they were responsible for preserving such a precious commodity.

The Spaarwater surname also denotes a family lineage, displaying the importance of this profession in past times. As a family name, it serves to remind its descendants of their family history and of the valuable work done by their ancestors. It has held profound importance to many families who have been custodians of water resources over the ages, carrying the tradition forward over generations and ensuring the preservation of one of the most essential elements needed to sustain human life.

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Spaarwater: Where does the name Spaarwater come from?

The last name Spaarwater is most commonly found in South Africa, particularly in the provinces of Limpopo, Gauteng and Free State. In Limpopo, the surname is particularly prevalent in the regions of Burgersfort, Thabazimbi, and Steelpoort. It established a presences as early as 1820 and is linked to a number of prominent families.

The Spaarwater family is generally rooted in Afrikaans culture, having Dutch, Huguenot and Swiss German roots. The spelling of the name has also become modified over time to adapt to local pronunciations; for example the alternative spelling of Spaarwater is Sperwater.

Outside of South Africa, the last name Spaarwater is sparsely scattered in Australia, France, Namibia and the United States. In France, it is believed to have originated in Bishwiller, its only area of presence. In Australia, it is more commonly associated with Dutch immigrants and in the United States possibly with Afrikaans diaspora.

Due to its relative rarity, the last name Spaarwater is relatively unknown and it is likely to remain that way, but with the increasing trend in global migration, it is certain that more families with this last name will have opportunities to spread their roots in different countries.

Variations of the surname Spaarwater

The surname Spaarwater is derived from Dutch, meaning 'saved water', or a 'saved pond'. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin may include:

• Sparwater

• Sparwaters

• Sparwatert

• Sparwaterts

• Spaarwater

• Spaarwaters

• Spaarwatert

• Spaarwaterts

• Sparwat

• Sparwats

• Sparwatte

• Sparwattes

• Spaarwat

• Spaarwats

• Spaarwatte

• Spaarwattes

• Sperwater

• Sperwaters

• Sperwatert

• Sperwaterts

Other related surnames from the same Dutch etymology include:

• Wassink

• Wassincks

• Wassinck

• Wassincks

• Wassenek

• Wasseneks

• Wassenekt

• Wassenekts

• Wassele

• Wasseles

• Wasselte

• Wasseltes

• Waterwaert

• Waterwaerts

• Waterwaarts

• Waterwaart

• Waterwaarts

• Watervoort

• Watervoorts

• Watervort

• Watervorts

• Waterweert

• Waterweerts

• Waterweerd

• Waterweerds

• Weertwater

• Weertwaters

• Weertwaart

• Weertwaarts

• Wertwater

• Wertwaters

• Wertwaart

• Wertwaarts.

Famous people with the name Spaarwater

  • Ard-Jan Spaarwater: Dutch politician and co-founder of the Outdoor Retailer Association.
  • Sil Spaarwater: Dutch swimmer who represented the Netherlands at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
  • Manuel Spaarwater: Dutch rower who represented the Netherlands at the 2004 Summer Olympics.
  • Louise Spaarwater: Dutch handball player who represented the Netherlands at multiple international tournaments.
  • Stephen Spaarwater: Dutch professional basketball player who played the majority of his career in the Netherlands.
  • Charles Spaarwater: Dutch discus thrower who was the Dutch national champion in the early 1990s.
  • Jan Bakker Spaarwater: Dutch painter and sculptor known for his colorful sculptures of animals.
  • Jeroen Spaarwater: Dutch photographer and film maker known for his documentary films.
  • Joeri Spaarwater: Dutch actress and theater director known for her performances in the Dutch theater scene.
  • Richel Spaarwater: Dutch TV presenter, actress and model known for her modeling contracts with international fashion houses.

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