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Surname Spangler - Meaning and Origin

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P. Spangler

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Spangler: What does the surname Spangler mean?

The last name Spangler is of German origin and derives from the Middle High German term "spang," meaning clasp or buckle. It was typically an occupational surname given to metal workers, specifically those who specialize in making buckles, clasps, or other small metal items. The use of occupational surnames was common in Germany during the Middle Ages, serving to identify individuals based on their job or trade. It is also suggested that Spangler can mean "sparkler" or "one who makes sparks," possibly related to blacksmithing. Therefore, if someone has the surname Spangler, it historically indicates that their ancestors were engaged in some form of metalworking. Over time, migration and other factors led to the spread of this surname to other parts of the world.

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Spangler: Where does the name Spangler come from?

The last name Spangler is an occupational surname of Germanic origin. It is still seen in many countries around the world today such as the United States, Germany, Austria, Canada, Sweden, and England. According to the United States census, the highest numbers of people bearing the surname Spangler can be found within the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia.

In terms of Pennsylvania, the Spangler name is most common in the western region, particularly in the areas of Altoona, State College, and St. Marys County. Additionally, the Spangler name is common in other cities in Pennsylvania such as Lancaster, York, and Allentown. Furthermore, in Ohio, the surname is even more concentrated in counties such as Hancock, Defiance, and Mercer.

In terms of Virginia, the most densely populated area is the northern side of the state including counties such as Frederick, Fluvanna, and Orange. The states of Texas, California, New York, Illinois, and Florida also have a large population of people with the surname Spangler.

The last name Spangler is mainly derived from the German word “spangeln”, which means to sprinkle, strew, or scatter and was most likely used as an occupational surname by somebody who spread fertilizer or worked in a similar occupation.

Variations of the surname Spangler

The surname Spangler is of Germanic origin and has several variants, spellings and alternate surnames.

Variants of the name include Span(g)el, Spengler, Spängler, Spenglar, Spänglar and Spangle. The variant spellings may be written as Spengeler, Spengiler, Spängeler, Spengilor, Spängeler and Spanigler.

Alternative surnames derived from Spangler include Spenglerin and Spanijer.

In the United States, variations of the surname Spangler are found in all parts of the country and most often originate from Pennsylvania.

The surname is quite unique and traditionally, it was an occupational name for a metal spangler who worked with tin, copper and brass. Workers with this craft also used spangles to decorate clothing with bright colors and shiny metal. The craft of spangaling has been around since the Middle Ages.

The family name is a variation of Spengeler, derived from the old Germanic word spengeler, which means 'the one who works with tin or pewter'.

The use of a double L is typical of the spelling of surnames in the United States, though the single L spelling is the most common in other countries.

Famous people with the name Spangler

  • Miley Cyrus: Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, actress and producer.
  • David Spangler: David Spangler is an American author, activist, and speaker in the areas of transformation, spirit, and service.
  • Jeff Spangler: Jeff Spangler is an American award-winning film and television producer, writer, and director.
  • Trevor Spangler: Trevor Spangler is an American songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Steve Spangler: Steve Spangler is an American science educator and television personality.
  • Richard Spangler: Richard Spangler was an American basketball player and coach.
  • Daniel Spangler: Daniel Severn Spangler is an American Navy veteran, ordained Episcopal priest and television host.
  • David V. Spangler: David V. Spangler is an American author, mystic, and philosopher in the field of new age spiritualities.
  • Brian Spangler: Brian Spangler is an American entrepreneur and drag racing driver.
  • Roderick Spangler: Roderick Spangler is an American professional mixed martial artist competing in the lightweight division.
  • Justin Spangler: Justin Spangler is an American professional baseball pitcher in the San Diego Padres organization.
  • Everly Spangler: Everly Elise Spangler is a 5-year-old American actress and model who has starred in several television commercials.
  • Leigh Spangler: Leigh Spangler is an American author and journalist.
  • Clay Spangler: Clay Spangler is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and guitarist.
  • James Spangler: James Spangler was an American inventor and the creator of the first commercially successful portable vacuum cleaner.

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