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Surname Splaver - Meaning and Origin

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Splaver: What does the surname Splaver mean?

The surname Splaver is derived from the Latin expression "splaverator" meaning to “barter” or “haggle”. The Splavers, believed to have originated in Central Europe, were an ethnic group known for their entrepreneurial spirit and for their proclivity towards negotiating even the smallest of purchases. Splavers were colorful figures in the business world of their day and were affectionately known as "traders", used to trading goods and services for higher prices – a concept which we today refer to as "arbitrage".

The pioneers of the Splaver clan were known to take great pride in their work and were highly respected in their communities. They were inventors and entrepreneurs in their own right, but they were also great facilitators in the process of commercial transactions. They were often the first to locate new markets and new suppliers.

Over time, the Splavers became known for their humble, hardworking nature and for their innate understanding of the business world and their willingness to put in the long hours necessary to succeed. This reputation of course earned them great favor among business people of their time and this tradition has been passed down through generations.

Today, the Splaver name is still connected to the concept of "trading" and to an appreciation for hard work and determination. It is also associated with a legacy of family businesses and success stories which have been passed down from parent to child. The Splavers are remembered for their resourcefulness, creativity and passion, and their memory will live on through the years.

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Splaver: Where does the name Splaver come from?

The last name Splaver is commonly found in the United States of America today. The name is most likely of Jewish or Eastern European origin.

The term “Splaver” is derived from the Old German and Yiddish word “shplaver”, which means “tailor”, which suggests that the original holder of the name may have originally been a professional tailor.

The Splaver name is quite uncommon, with only a few hundred people in the United States bearing the name. Most of these are concentrated in New York, with a few in Maryland, California and Pennsylvania. It is also possible that there are Splavers living outside of the US as well.

The Splaver name is notoriously difficult to trace as there aren’t many records of it before the Twentieth century. The closest to a definitive origin is the Yiddish and German word “shplaver”. It is probable that the original holders of the Splaver name were Jewish tailors.

Given the rarity of the name today, it is not likely that many of the current holders of the Splaver name are direct descendants of the original tailors. Nevertheless, it is likely that the Splavers of today are of Jewish or Eastern European descent that acquired the name consequent to the spread of the Splaver tailors.

Variations of the surname Splaver

The surname Splaver can originate from the German and Jewish language and is spelled differently in each location.

In Germany, the surname is sometimes spelled as Schplever, Schplewer, Splaeve, Schpleeve, or Splever. It may also have derived from the German words “spaghetti” and “plaver,” which were the names of a type of clothing.

The Jewish version is typically spelled as Spiegel or Spigel. These spellings are derived from the Middle High German word “spigel,” which means “mirror” or “glass.”

In the United States, the surname Splaver is often Anglicized as “Splevors,” “Splevers,” or “Spleversh.” It is also occasionally spelled as “Spleaver.”

Variations of the surname can also be found in other countries, such as Russia (Spelvorsky), France (Spelviere), and Poland (Splewerski).

The Splaver surname is also associated with some additional spellings common among Polish people, such as “Splawr,” “Sploar” or “Splawers.”

Regardless of the variation, the surname has remained relatively rare, with only a few thousand people bearing it across the world.

Famous people with the name Splaver

  • Dr. Bruce Splaver: A successful physician and surgeon based in Florida, USA.
  • Marinda Splaver: Radio presenter, songwriter, and singer from Los Angeles, USA.
  • Rena Splaver: Israeli-born film actress and director based in New York City, USA.
  • Henk Splaver: Dutch soccer goalkeeper who played for Ajax and Feyenoord.
  • Beattie Splaver: Canadian film producer and actor best known for the hit movie 'Heartbreakers'.
  • Lloyd Splaver: Jazz bassist and band leader from the 1930s to the 1950s.
  • Miina Splaver: Finnish businesswoman and philanthropist.
  • Sari Splaver: Former world champion slalom skier from Sweden.
  • Leona Splaver: Jazz vocalist, pianist and songwriter who has recorded with some of the most famous jazz singers of the past. 10. Yitzhak Splaver: Israeli-born professor of mathematics and computer science at Princeton University.

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