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Surname Stanziola - Meaning and Origin

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Stanziola: What does the surname Stanziola mean?

The last name Stanziola does not have a specific meaning that can be found in common English, Spanish, Italian, or other Latin-based languages. It's possible that it is of Italian origin but this cannot be confirmed without specific genealogical research. Surnames are often derived from occupations, geographical locations, or personal characteristics. However, without further historical or cultural information, the precise meaning of "Stanziola" remains uncertain. It's important to note that meanings of surnames can be lost over time or changed as families move to new locations and languages. It's always a good idea to research your own heritage if you possess this surname to understand more about your personal family history. In any case, a surname doesn't define a person - individual values, actions, and life's endeavors do.

Stanziola: Where does the name Stanziola come from?

The surname Stanziola is common today mostly in the southern part of Italy, mostly in the regions of Campania, Puglia and Molise. This region of Italy is known for its ancient culture and amazing food. In the 1700s and 1800s, many Italians from the south moved abroad in search of a better life and the Stanziola surname can still be found today in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.

The surname is most commonly found with its spelling of Stanziola, but variations can be found, such as Staniola, Statziola, and Stanzella. Records of the surname can be found dating as far back as the 16th century in the Italian regions of Puglia, Molise, and Abruzzo. It is believed that the earliest ancestors of the Stanziola family originated from the Abruzzo region as there are numerous records showing the family living there.

One of the most famous people with the surname Stanziola is the Italian author Gasparo Stanziola, who is best known for his poem "Sonnet XIII". Besides Gasparo, there have been numerous other Italian celebrities who have held the surname Stanziola, including actor Ariel Savina and football player Enzo Stanziola.

The Stanziola family has a long and proud history, and the many families dispersed around the world today are a testament to their rich heritage.

Variations of the surname Stanziola

The surname Stanziola is usually spelled as Stanziola without any known variants. However, this name may be spelled differently and may have numerous surnames of the same origin.

The surname Stanziola is derived from the Italian word "stanza" which means "room" or "space." This is because people with this surname had ancestors who may have been stanzaioli or "room-dwellers."

Variations of this surname include Stanziale, Stanziani, Stanziola, Staiola, Stanzione, Stanzone, Stanzer, Stanzel, Stanzellar, Stanzik, Stancell, Stancill, Stancile, Stancliff, Standlee, Stansel, Stanser, Stansell, and Stantzer.

The variations of Stanziola are found in many other parts of Europe, including Austria, Spain, Portugal, and France. In Austria, the surname can be written as Stanzell or Stanzle. In Spain, the surname can be seen as Stanchelo or Stanchello, while in Portugal, it is typically written as stanchelo or stanchellos. The surname Stanziola may also be found in France, where it is often spelled as "Estancels."

In conclusion, there are various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Stanziola, most of which are found in various parts of Europe.

Famous people with the name Stanziola

  • Ciro Stanziola: Ciro Stanziola is a professional football player who plays the center-back position for the S.S. Fidelis Andria League 2 football club.
  • AJ Stanziola: AJ Stanziola is a professional YouTuber and Twitch streamer, best known for his cooking and Girl Talk streams.
  • Steven Stanziola: Steven Stanziola is an Italian professional volleyball player who plays for the Italian National Volleyball Team in Serie A1.
  • Tony Stanziola: Tony Stanziola is an Italian actor who has appeared in several Italian feature films including “Non Muoverti” and “Ad Amorecredito”.
  • Joe Stanziola: Joe Stanziola is an Italian professional basketball player who plays for the Grazzano Badile Sports Club.
  • Dino Stanziola: Dino Stanziola is a retired Italian professional football player who was also the manager of several professional football clubs.
  • Gino Stanziola: Gino Stanziola is an Italian professional footballer who currently plays for the fourth-tier Italian club, Lucchese.
  • Chris Stanziola: Chris Stanziola is a professional racing driver from Italy who participates in the Italian Touring Car Championship.
  • Josh Stanziola: Josh Stanziola is an American singer-songwriter and musician who released his first studio album in 2019.
  • Stephano Stanziola: Stephano Stanziola is a fitness trainer and professional Muay Thai fighter who is currently competing in the International Kickboxing Federation.

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