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Surname Strehblow - Meaning and Origin

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Strehblow: What does the surname Strehblow mean?

Strehblow is a German-language surname meaning “street blaster”. It is a very unique name whose origins can be traced back to Prussia.

The Strehblow surname was common in Prussia, especially among the noble or peasant classes. In the 13th century, a count by the name of Count von Strehblow owned land and later developed a village where many of the people who came after him lived. This area, known as Strehblow, still exists to this day.

The meaning of the name Strehblow is thought to be linked to a type of cannon-like weapon that was commonly used in Prussia during the Middle Ages. The name is believed to have come from the German words “strahl” and “blasen,” which roughly translates to “to shoot blasting fire.”

The prevalence of this name in Prussia indicates a military background and likely, a noble lineage for those who carried the name. To this day, the Strehblow name continues to be found in Prussia, as well as some parts of the United States. It is a very unique name with ties to an interesting Germanic cultural heritage.

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Strehblow: Where does the name Strehblow come from?

The last name Strehblow is mainly concentrated in Germany today. According to the House of Names website, it originated in Westphalia, a region in the northwestern part of the country. The surname derives from the personal name Stehblo, which is composed of the German words “stellen”, meaning “to stand”, and “blo”, meaning “mighty”. The earliest recorded use of this surname dates back to 1260, in the village of Sennlich.

Strehblow is the 10th most common last name in Germany, with approximately 67,000 people having the name in the country. The areas with the largest concentration of Strehblow are Bremen, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. There are also smaller numbers of people bearing the name in other countries such as Austria, Switzerland and the United States.

Overall, the last name Strehblow is a unique variant of the most common names and as such it is most likely to be found in Germany. Although it can also be found in other countries, its origins in Germany will most likely be highlighted when researching the name.

Variations of the surname Strehblow

The surname Strehblow is a German surname of unknown origin. It is mostly found in Germany, but it has been documented in Australia and the United States. Variants of this surname include Streblow, Ströhblow, Strehblöv, Strehlove, Strowlove, Strehlau and Strehlauf.

One variation of Strehblow is Streblow, with the alternate spelling of Ströhblow. It is derived from the old German words “strefft” which means "track" and “blow” which was a term of respect during the hilt of the 17th century in Germany. The meaning of this surname is “track connected with respect”.

Another variation of the surname Strehblow is Strehblöv. This variant is believed to have originated from the Swedish word “blöv”, which means “little flower” or “little flowery patch”. This gives the surname the meaning of “flowery track connected with respect”.

Strehlove is an alternate spelling of Strehlow, which is derived from the German words “strefft” and “lob” which means “praise”. Thus, inherited from the original name, this name means “track connected with praise”.

Strowlove is a variation of the surname Strehlow. It has the same origin and meaning as the other variations, however the spelling is slightly different.

Strehlau and Strehlauf are derived from the German words “strefft” and “laub”, which means “leaves”. This gives the meaning of “track connected with leaves”.

Overall, the variants of Strehlow all trace back to a common origin with slight variations in spelling and meaning. These variant spellings & surnames give insight into the culture in Germany at the time and how it evolved over time.

Famous people with the name Strehblow

  • Alexander Strehblow: German mathematician who worked in England and is best known for proving the law of quadratic reciprocity in 1858.
  • Frank-Bernd Strehblow: German botanist and author of numerous books on the topic of various plants as well as a likely originator of the term "cryptogamic".
  • Paul M. Strehblow: German educator and physicist who invented the Strehblow-Coefficient, a rule for determining the electrical resistance of electrodes in electrolytic baths.
  • Stephen Strehblow: American sculptor who works in a variety of materials and techniques in his artwork.
  • Roman Strehblow: German social scientist known for his work on the history of the Hitler period.
  • Kurt Strehblow: German evangelist and pre-ordained minister.
  • Nicholas Strehblow: English ceramics artist whose works include porcelain figurines, birds, animals, and various other decorative sculptures.
  • Richard Strehblow: American brewmaster, he was awarded several medals at brewing competitions and worked in the craft beer industry.
  • William Strehblow: American pharmacist and businessman who founded a pharmacy supply company and research laboratory in 1906.
  • Erik Strehblow: Swedish composer and musician, he's best known for the song Juristen segeln wieder, which was a hit in the late 1970s.

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