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Surname Stribling - Meaning and Origin

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Stribling: What does the surname Stribling mean?

The last name Stribling is of Anglo-Saxon origin, descended from the ancient Boernician clans of Scotland. It is believed to be a habitation name which means it is derived from an existing place name in Britain, specifically from Striplingthorne in Yorkshire. Over time the pronunciation and spelling evolved into Stribling. The word "stripling" refers to a young man, while "thorne" could be interpreted as a reference to a thorn bush or tree. The name likely identified a person who lived in or near a place named Striplingthorne. In terms of individual word meanings, a "stripling" in Old English was used to denote a youth or young man, so metaphorically the name may refer to the youthful qualities or characteristics in a person.

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Stribling: Where does the name Stribling come from?

The last name Stribling can be found in multiple places around the world today. It is especially common in the United States, where it is the 519th most common surname. It is particularly abundant in the southeastern part of the country, with Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi having more residents with the surname Stribling than any other states. The last name is also fairly common in the UK, especially in England and Wales. Here, it is the 1334th most popular surname, and is found mainly in Yorkshire and Lancashire in the Northwest of the country. The surname is also scattered throughout other parts of Europe, with Germany, France, and Italy all having small populations of people with the last name Stribling. It can also be found in other parts of the world, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, the overall prevalence of the last name is much lower outside of the United States, United Kingdom, and much of Europe.

Variations of the surname Stribling

The surname Stribling is a relatively uncommon English and Scottish patronymic name, derived from the Middle English and Old English personal name Strible, which was derived from the Proto-Germanic word "Stribiz" meaning "one who fights with a staff". This surname has multiple variants and spellings, including Strebling, Streblyn, Striblyn, Streblin, Striblin, Striblen, Strebleyn, Strubel, Struble, Strupple and Strepple.

One of the more common variants, Strebling, is also found in Germany and is a variant of Stroeble. It is believed to have originated from Scotland, as the name was most prominently found in the 16th century around Edinburgh. Over time, most variants of the surname have become anglicised in spelling and pronunciation, resulting in the current common form of Stribling.

The surname is also found in multiple countries, including Canada, United States, Scotland, England, France, Netherlands, and Germany. It is also typically found in early colonial records.

Variants of the name Stribling also appear in multiple other forms, such as Triblin, Tribling and Tryblin. The surname can also be found in other family lines that derive from Striblings, such as Stribling-Hazlewood, Stribling-Beaver, Stribling-Clarke, Stribling-Chapman and many more. Many of these last names originated as a result of a hyphenated combination of multiple last names due to intermarriage or adoption within a family line.

In conclusion, Stribling is a relatively rare surname with many regional variants and spellings. The surname is predominantly found in Scotland or England and is known to have various colleges that bear the name in Scotland. It is also present in multiple family lines in the form of hyphenated surnames as a result of intermarriage and adoption.

Famous people with the name Stribling

  • William Stribling, Jr. (former NASCAR driver)
  • Weaver Stribling (professional BMX rider)
  • H. P. Stribling (American novelist)
  • Paul Stribling (American sculptor)
  • Benjamin Stribling (assistant director for films like Braveheart and Flubber)
  • Chris Stribling (fitness coach and author based in the United Kingdom)
  • Cass Stribling (owner of CrossFit–Stribling in Houston, Texas)
  • Florent Stribling (professional football player)
  • Clay Stribling (minor league baseball pitcher)
  • Jesse Stribling (professional mixed martial artist and kickboxer)
  • Larry Stribling (member of the Arkansas House of Representatives)
  • Hal Stribling (country music singer)
  • Marissa Stribling (singer-songwriter based in Texas)
  • Jacob Stribling (leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
  • Zac Stribling (professional water skier)

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