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Surname Stringfellow - Meaning and Origin

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Stringfellow: What does the surname Stringfellow mean?

The surname Stringfellow is of English origin and is believed to have derived from an occupational name given to a tightrope walker or acrobat. It's formed from two Middle English words: "streng" and "fellow." "Streng" is an update of the Old English "streng," meaning string, while "fellow" is from the Old English "feolaga," meaning partner or shareholder. Therefore, someone named Stringfellow could have been someone who worked with strings in some capacity or a partner in a venture related to strings. Professional entertainers like acrobats or minstrels often adopted surnames related to their crafts. However, as with many surnames, the exact origin and translation can't 100% definitively be confirmed. It's also important to note that the meaning of a last name does not necessarily have any bearing on the individuals carrying that name today.

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Stringfellow: Where does the name Stringfellow come from?

The surname Stringfellow is quite common in the United States today. The largest numbers of individuals with the surname are found in the Southern U.S., particularly in Southern states like Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia, though there are also clusters of individuals with this surname in other states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Though the Stringfellow surname has been present in the United States since colonial times, its origin is thought to be English in nature. It is a patronymic name derived from the name Stephen; this name means “crown”, as Stephen was the first crowned king of England in 1066. While this surname is Anglo-Saxon, its presence across the United States may be attributed to the relocation of many families from the South in the 20th century.

The current prevalence of the surname Stringfellow within the United States is due to the large numbers of individuals with this surname who immigrated during England’s colonization of America. In the early 20th century, a large number of English immigrants settled in the Midwest and South, where today the surname is still most commonly found.

Today, the surname Stringfellow is also most commonly found due to the large numbers of individuals bearing this name who live in rural areas. The surname has grown further in both rural and urban regions as a result of varying intermarriages between individuals with the name. Overall, the Stringfellow surname is most prevalent in the Southern United States today.

Variations of the surname Stringfellow

The surname Stringfellow has its roots in a Middle English word that means "string maker." It is a patronymic surname, created by taking the given name of a father and adding the suffix "-kin," to form a surname. The surname Stringfellow is found in England and America.

Variants of the surname Stringfellow include: Strangfellow, Strongfellow, Stringfield, Stringfields, Strayngers, Streangfellows, Streengfelow, Stringfelow, Strenghefellow, Stryngfyld, Strangfield, Stringfeld, and Sterngfelloor.

In England, the most commonly spelt variant of Stringfellow, is Stringfield. In America, Strangfellow is the most common variant.

Spellings of the surname Stringfellow include: Strangfellar, Strangfellow, Strongfellow, Stringfellar, Stringfellow, Stringfield, Stringfields, Strayngers, Streangfellows, Streengfelow, Stringfelow, Strenghefellow, Stryngfyld, Strangfield, Strengfield, and Sterngfelloor.

The surname Stringfellow may also be found under the surnames Strongful, Strangful, Strangfeld, Strangwhistle, Stranglee, Stronglove, and Strangly.

The origin of the surname is from an old English word "strengmelede," which means "string maker." It is a patronymic surname, which means it was derived from the given name of a father, likely a job name for a string maker, and appended with "-kin," in order to form the surname. This was a common practice in earlier centuries, as most individuals initially would like to designate their surnames off their fathers job.

Famous people with the name Stringfellow

  • Joanna Stringfellow, American actress
  • Nick Stringfellow, American actor
  • Steve Stringfellow, American politician
  • Anthony Stringfellow, English footballer
  • James Stringfellow, American musician
  • Patrick Stringfellow, American actor
  • Karl Stringfellow, British television presenter
  • Mia Stringfellow, British singer-songwriter
  • Daniel Stringfellow, Irish actor
  • Colin Stringfellow, Australian military doctor

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