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Surname Vaisey - Meaning and Origin

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Vaisey: What does the surname Vaisey mean?

The surname Vaisey is a habitational name, derived from any of the various places named with Old English væsig, meaning "marsh-dweller" or containing the Old English personal name Væsa (a combination of the words for 'Sunday' and 'to ascend'), referring to someone born on a Sunday.

Vaisey is a local name and variant of the name Vice, and is most commonly found in the parishes of East and West Ayton in the North Riding of Yorkshire, although the surname was also sporadically found in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Berkshire, and Wiltshire. The earliest record of this surname dates from 1272, when Robert le Vaisse was recorded in the Assize Rolls of Yorkshire.

In Ireland, the surname is found most frequently in Co. Galway, and the variant form Vice or Vyce has also been found in Co. Mayo. It is generally thought that the name is of either Welsh or English origin in Ireland.

In Scotland, the name appears to have been introduced by English migrants. Early recordings include William Vasey, who was a tenant of the Earl of Tweeddale in 1572.

Overall, Vaisey is an ancient and varied surname, whose roots reach back to the pre-medieval times of Anglo-Saxon Britain. Despite its regional and spelling variations, the surname has endured down through the centuries and is still found in various countries today.

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Vaisey: Where does the name Vaisey come from?

The last name Vaisey is most common in the United Kingdom, particularly in the East Anglia region.

In 1881, the last name Vaisey was the40thmost common in the United Kingdom, according to a modern-day analysis of census data. It is estimated that nearly 1000 people carried the Vaisey surname in that year.

The East Anglia region has traditionally had a concentration of people with the last name Vaisey, but it is found scattered throughout England, including in the cities of Manchester, Durham, and London. It is also often found in the county of Norfolk and the region of East Sussex.

Over time, the family has spread to other countries including the United States but is most common in the United Kingdom. Today, it is estimated that there are more than 5000 people with the last name Vaisey in the United Kingdom.

Outside of the United Kingdom, the surname Vaisey is fairly uncommon. In the United States, it is estimated that fewer than 1000 people bear the name. The surname is also quite uncommon in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with fewer than 500 people bearing the name in each country.

Although the last name Vaisey is most common in the United Kingdom and in the East Anglia region specifically, members of the Vaisey family can be traced around the world.

Variations of the surname Vaisey

The Vaisey surname originated in England, mainly in the counties of Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Warwickshire. It is believed to have derived from the Anglo-Saxon given name Waisea, a common Old English name.

Variants of the surname Vaisey include Vasey, Veasey, Visey, Voysey, and Vassay. In some instances, the spelling may have been changed to Vizy, Veasy, Vezey, Veasy, Vassey, or Vassie.

The Vaiseys were a proud and prosperous family in the past. Some prominent people with the surname Vaisey, or its variants, included Reverend Stephen Vassie (1774–1842), who served as the rector at Bisley, Gloucestershire; and Richard Vassie (b. 1780), an English lawyer and soldier who was a major of a horse regiment.

In some cases, the surname Vaisey was also transposed into other languages. For example, the Valois family in France derived from Vasey, and the Valizi family in Italy was derived from Vassey. Lastly, the surname Vassayo, or Fassivio, was a Spanish version of Vaisey.

In summary, the company of surnames and spellings derived from Vaisey provide a unique window into the history of England. The variations of the name further demonstrate the cultural and geographical diversity of England, as it was a name that could be found throughout the world.

Famous people with the name Vaisey

  • Niall Vaisey: frontman of the British alternative rock band Scritti Politti
  • Liz Vaisey: a British author of biographies and historical fiction
  • Jean Vaisey: an American actress best known for her role in the movie Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
  • David Vaisey: British historian and Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford
  • Clare Vaisey: British former professional lawn and indoor tennis player
  • D. Vaisey: British economist and Distinguished Fellow at the Economic Research Council
  • Sam Vaisey: British lacrosse player and 2008-09 Player of the Year
  • Philip Vaisey: British sculptor and member of the Arts Council England
  • Charles Vaisey: British reverend and bishop, who served as the Bishop of Dover from 1912-1915
  • Robert Vaisey: British naturalist who published numerous books and articles on birds, mammals, and other animals

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