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Surname Vedlitz - Meaning and Origin

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Vedlitz: What does the surname Vedlitz mean?

The last name Vedlitz is a German surname with Slavic roots. It originated in the area known as Bohemia, which is now located centrally within the modern Czech Republic. This location has been a place of ethnic and cultural fusion since the Middle Ages and is the birthplace of the Vedlitz surname.

The surname Vedlitz can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when people resided within the old Kingdom of Bohemia. It is derived from the Old Czech words “ved”(forest) and “lec”(king) which suggests that it was originally a name given to a powerful and influential forest king.

The Vedlitz surname is mostly found amongst Central and Eastern European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Poland, all of which are historically connected to Bohemia and the Vedlitz surname.

This last name still holds an air of nobility and honor even today, due to the impressive history and roots it is attached to. People with the Vedlitz last name have been known for their loyalty, strength of character and honor. This is a powerful and ancient name, indicating a long and proud family heritage.

Vedlitz: Where does the name Vedlitz come from?

The last name Vedlitz is quite rare outside of a single region – the area that comprised the duchy of Vedlitz until 1918. That formerly independent state included the southern portion of what is now the Czech Republic, along with some parts of what is now eastern Poland and Slovakia. Within that area, the Vedlitz name is still concentrated in the southern and central Bohemian areas of the Czech Republic.

Historically, Vedlitz was a region renowned for its folk music and traditional wooden architecture, and the surname’s prominence within the region has been maintained by families that continue to trace their genealogy back to this rural area.

Today, the Vedlitz name is still relatively common within the Czech Republic, where around 5,500 people bear the surname. Postal records indicate that most Vedlitzes live in the Czech regions that encompass the former duchy, but recent surnames surveys provide evidence that the surname has spread to other parts of the Czech Republic, and to the Czech diaspora in other countries.

A quick search of likely settlement locations in the United States and Canada reveals a few Vedlitzes, but also suggests that the name is still quite rare, overall. The same is true in much of Europe, where the name does not appear to have spread significantly beyond the original home region of Southern Bohemia.

Variations of the surname Vedlitz

The surname Vedlitz is derived from the German phrase "vom Edelhaus" meaning "from the noble house". It is also known by many spelling variants including Vaddelitz, Vadlitz, Vaddlits, Vadelits, Vadlitzen, Vadelitzen, Veldlitz, Veldlets, Veldlits, Veldlitz, Veldlitzen, Veldlytzen, Veltlitz, Veltlits, Veltlitz, Veltlitzen, and Veldlytzen.

In some cases, the surname can also be translated into other languages such as Polish and Russian as Wadlitz, Wadeltz, or Vadlets, respectively. It is also known as Vedelt in Dutch and Vadlitzky in Czech.

This surname can also be found with different spellings which include Vetelits, Wetelits, Wetelitz, Weteltz, and Wetellycz. In some cases, the surname may appear as Van Edwardlitz, Van Edelhous, Van Adelhousze, Van Edwardhousze, Van Edelhouse or Van Adelhouse.

It is also sometimes used as a given name and can be found in Western Europe in the form of Vadtlitz, Vetterytz or Vadelits.

In addition, Vedlitz is also used as a surname for people who came from specific areas in Germany as well as for those who were ennobled as Edelhäuser or Edelhausen.

Finally, Vedlitz has also been used as a surname for those who adopted this surname. People who adopted this name usually did so to differentiate themselves from the family of Vedlitz or to adopt a more prestigious name.

Famous people with the name Vedlitz

  • Martin Vedlitz: Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at Austin, where he teaches in the LBJ School of Public Affairs.
  • Artie Vedlitz: Former Special Assistant to the Director at the US Office of Personnel Management.
  • David Vedlitz: Politician from Texas who is a Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives.
  • John Vedlitz: Historian and Professor of Political Science at the University of Mississippi.
  • Jeff Vedlitz: Advertising Executive and Maryland State Senator.
  • Steven Vedlitz: President of World Marketing Labs Consulting, LLC.
  • Laura Vedlitz: Patterns Analyst at Sky Analytics in Boston, MA.
  • Al Vedlitz: Artist and Communication Consultant who runs his own graphic design and consulting business based in Warrior, Alabama.
  • Reena Vedlitz: President of Constructive Solutions LLC in Houston, TX.
  • Amy Vedlitz: Non-profit program leader and advisor with experience in grant and fundraising management.

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