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Surname Vermaaten - Meaning and Origin

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Vermaaten: What does the surname Vermaaten mean?

The surname Vermaaten does not have a specific known meaning as it is not a common surname and does not appear to derive directly from any particular language or culture. However, a potential origin for this surname could be Dutch or Afrikaans, as "vermaaten" could loosely translate to 'enlarge' or 'amplify' in these languages. But in the context of a surname, the meaning is not entirely clear.

Additionally, it could be a variation of the Dutch surname "Vermaat" or "Vermaeten", with the "Ver" prefix often indicates 'from' or 'of', and "maat" can mean 'mate' or 'companion'. Thus, it might imply an origin or familial relation to a certain friend or companion.

Furthermore, it's crucial to bear in mind that surnames often evolve over time and can undergo changes in spelling or pronunciation due to migration, dialectical influences, or even transcription errors. Therefore, the exact meaning of the surname "Vermaaten" may be uncertain and can only be conjectured. For an exact interpretation, one would need to trace the family lineage and heritage.

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Vermaaten: Where does the name Vermaaten come from?

The last name Vermaaten is most commonly found today in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. According to the 2019 Dutch Census, it is the 321st most common surname, with around 10,000 to 20,000 people bearing it.

The origin of the last name Vermaaten is thought to be Dutch, but it is also believed to have its roots in Germanic cultures, as it is strikingly similar to the German families of Vermaten and Vermatten.

Vermaaten is thought to be derived from the Germanic words “ver-” meaning “far away” and “maten” which means “to measure”. It is thought to have been a name given to individuals who moved on a regular basis or measured long distances between two points.

The spelling of Vermaaten is consistently found throughout various countries. It is sometimes referred to as “Vermaeten” or “Vermaten” in Belgium and Germany.

People from the Netherlands with Vermaaten in their name have had a large influence in that country throughout its history. Members of the Vermaaten family have served in the Dutch Revolution of 1568, founded the Hollandia College of Arts and Sciences, and have even been decorated for their actions in World War II.

Today, the Vermaaten family tree can be tracked with the help of various websites which focus on genealogy research. By following the trail of the family’s members around the world, one can trace the different paths the family took throughout the centuries, as well as the contributions made by each branch.

Variations of the surname Vermaaten

Vermaaten is a Dutch surname commonly spelled in the Netherlands and Belgium, and is believed to originate from Flanders, now northern Belgium and parts of the Netherlands.

Variant and other spellings of the surname Vermaaten include: Vermaeten, Vermaten, Vermaet, Vermeaten, Vermuten, Vermaaten, Vermeeten, and Vermeuten.

The surname Vermaaten is derived from the old Dutch name, Vermuet, which is originally derived from language elements meaning "decided, determined".

Other surnames of the same origin as Vermaaten include: Vermeulen, Vermeersch, Vermeul, and Vermeeren.

Vermeulen is a patronymic, derived from the given name Vermuet, composed of language elements meaning "decided, determined".

Vermeersch is also a patronymic, a variation of Vermeulen and has the same meaning.

Vermeul is a variation of Vermeulen, with the same meaning.

Vermeeren is another patronymic, derived from the given name Vermeer, composed of language elements meaning "lake".

All of these surnames are variations of the same original surname, derived from the given name Vermuet and its elements meaning "decided, determined".

Famous people with the name Vermaaten

  • Jennifer Vermaaten: Jennifer is a professional snowboarder and a member of the US Ski & Snowboard team. She has competed in multiple World Cups and most recently competed in the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships.
  • Michael Vermaaten: Michael is an American volleyball player who represented the United States at the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Luc Vermaaten: Luc is a Dutch goalkeeper who plays for the ASWH in the Dutch Tweede Divisie (second division).
  • Nelse Vermaaten: Nelse is a Dutch endurance cyclist and mountaineer who specializes in long distance cycle touring. He is recognized for his world-touring crossings and his engagement in youth advocacy and education.
  • Just Vermaaten: Just is the voice behind the popular Dutch techno group, Leftfield.
  • Peter Vermaaten: Peter is a French ski jumper who has represented the country in several World Cup events.
  • Jan Vermaaten: Jan is a retired Dutch footballer who won the Eredivisie title during his career at PSV.
  • Peter Vermaaten Jr.: Peter is a junior cyclist and retired professional BMX cyclist competing in UCI BMX World Cups. He also starred in the 2008 film, BMX Bandits.
  • Robert Vermaaten: Robert is a Dutch film and television actor best known for his work in the movie The Best of Everything as well as the television series, June Gloom.
  • Emma Vermaaten: Emma is a Dutch model and blogger best known for her runway and editorial work. She has appeared in Elle magazine and in campaigns for brands like Levi's and Gucci.

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