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Surname Vesper - Meaning and Origin

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Vesper: What does the surname Vesper mean?

The last name Vesper is derived from the Latin word "vesper" meaning "evening star". Its root word "vĕspĭtur", means "to gleam" or "to shine”. Originally, the last name was tied to the star, Venus, which signaled the evening twilight and is the brightest in sky.

Vesper had multiple social implications, often being linked with the Twilight Angels and naturally with the Goddess of Love, Venus or Venus of the Stars. During the Middle Ages, Vesper was used to indicate a knightly courage and a high degree of honor. It is likely that the name began to be used as a surname and to identify families who were of noble or prominent status..

Vesper has also been associated with many religions, signifying a sign of spiritual enlightenment. In Catholic countries, it was associated to the Lord’s Prayer (Our Father’s) and would be linked with the prayer to the Virgin Mary at sundown. Additionally, Vesper was highly valued in the Orthodox faith, often being used as a sign of humility and piety.

Today, those bearing the last name Vesper can view the origin and symbolism of the name as a representation of honor and spiritual enlightenment.

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Vesper: Where does the name Vesper come from?

The last name Vesper is common in many parts of Europe, particularly in Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland. In Germany, the frequency of the name is somewhat higher in the eastern and southern parts of the country. It is also quite popular in the French-speaking region of Belgium. It has also been found in other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Italy.

In the United States, the last name Vesper has become more popular in recent years and is common in the eastern US states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. The name has also spread down to the other parts of the country such as California, Florida, Texas, and the Midwest. It is believed that many immigrants to the United States with this last name may have been of German or French origin.

With the migration of people around the world, the Vesper last name can now be found in many other countries, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It has also spread to some parts of Asia, Africa, and South America.

In terms of origin, the Vesper last name is believed to be of Germanic origin and may have been derived from the name “Weser”, which was the name of a river in the North German region of the Rhine. The name was used to distinguish families living near or on the river and was eventually adopted as a last name.

Variations of the surname Vesper

The surname Vesper is of Germanic origins and is thought to derive from the Latin term ‘vesper’ meaning evening star.

Variants and spellings of the surname Vesper include Vespor, Vespers, Vessper, Visper and Vysper.

In the United States, variants and spelling variations of the surname Vesper include Visper, Vessper, Vouver, Visser, Vouser, Vosser, Vyser, Vespa and Vassar.

In England, some alternate forms of Vesper are Vespoor, Vespre, Visper, Vyser and Vassar.

In Scotland, some of the variations of the surname Vesper are Vespor, Vebur, Vessper and Vysser.

The most common surname associated with the Vesper surname is Vessper.

In Scandinavia, this surname was popularly spelled Vessper and in the Netherlands, the form Vysser was most popular.

In Germany, a derivative of the name is the matronymic Vespermann, which appears to be the root of the surname.

In Russia, the surname is usually spelled with a "Y" or "U" instead of a "V", such as Vyser, Vyshner, Vyshenkov, Vysheslav, Vyshekor and Vyshnevskii.

In some areas of Europe, the Vesper surname appears to have altered to Visper, Vizper or Vzper, such as in Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

In South Africa, the form Vespaar is sometimes found.

Finally, alternate forms of the surname including Veaspoor, Vespoor, Vysper, Vosper and Visper have become prominent in Holland and Belgium.

Famous people with the name Vesper

  • Amelie Vesper: German actress
  • Joelle Vesper: French former competitive figure skater
  • Juliane Vesper: German actress and model
  • Maya Vesper: US-based filmmaker
  • Philip Vesper: German illustrator, sculptor, artist and filmmaker
  • Sandra Vesper: Austrian actress
  • Xavier Vesper: French jazz musician
  • Amity Vesper: American film producer
  • Bill Vesper: American actor
  • Chris Vesper: Australian professional football player
  • David Lee Vesper: American musician
  • David Vesper: Spanish actor
  • Elizabeth Vesper: British musical theatre performer
  • Iris Vesper: Swiss-American writer
  • Jean-Luc Vesper: French storyteller, poet and actor
  • Jordan Vesper: American professional snowboarder
  • Steve Vesper: American visual artist and musician
  • Zuri Vesper: Canadian-American actress

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