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Surname Vigil - Meaning and Origin

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S. Vigil

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Vigil: What does the surname Vigil mean?

The surname Vigil is of Spanish origin, derived from the word "vigilia," which means "vigil." It is often used in English to refer to being watchful or alert, especially during a period of religious observance. The name likely originated from a nickname for a person who was vigilant or watchful, or perhaps for someone who was born on a religious day of vigil. In Spanish and Portuguese cultures, this name is typically spelled as Vidal. It is also a common surname in the southwestern United States, particularly in New Mexico and Colorado, because of Spanish colonization in those areas. Like many surnames, it differs slightly in spelling and pronunciation depending on the specific cultural and regional context. Regardless of its form, the name Vigil usually signifies watchfulness and alertness, traits that are often celebrated and respected across cultures. It's a unique name that reflects a rich history and cultural significance.

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Vigil: Where does the name Vigil come from?

The last name Vigil is most common in the United States, particularly in New Mexico and Texas. In the US, the surname appears in the top 1,000 of the most common surnames. Outside of the US, the Vigil name is especially popular in countries like Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Spain, and El Salvador.

In the US, most Vigil families live in the Southwest region, with especially high populations in New Mexico and Texas. They can also be found in California and Arizona. In Texas, San Antonio is the largest city where the Vigil last name is found, followed by El Paso and Laredo. In New Mexico, the Vigil surname is also quite prevalent in Albuquerque.

There are also substantial numbers of Vigils living in the northern region of the US, particularly in Wyoming, the Midwest in Illinois and Minnesota, and in the South in Florida and Georgia.

The meaning of the Vigil name is uncertain, although it likely has Spanish roots. It could mean "watch" or derive from the Latin name "vigilia," meaning "watchful." It's also possible that the name was derived from the city of Vigevano in Piedmont, Italy. In any case, the Vigil name seems to have spread throughout the Americas over the centuries through immigration.

Variations of the surname Vigil

The surname Vigil is believed to have two possible origin from two different countries. From Spain: The name Vigil is derived from the medieval given name Vigilo, which in turn is from the Latin word vigilare meaning "watchful". From Italy: The name Vigil is derived from the Latin word vica meaning “deputy” and is a topographical name for the deputy who was an important figure in medieval times, performing tasks such as keeping track of serfs’ labor services and ensuring the payment of the tithes.

Variants of the surname Vigil are spelled many different ways including but not limited to the following: Vigal, Vigall, Vigiel, Vigile, Vigill, Vigole, Vigual, Vygil, Wygle, Wigle, Wygel, Vigal, and Vigels.

Surnames of the same origin including but not limited to the following: Vigle, Wigle, Vigillo, Vigal, Vigall, and Vigalo.

The pillar of the surname Vigil is an important and ancient one made up of influential and courageous individuals. It has spread and evolved throughout many countries and is still enjoyed today by its many descendants.

Famous people with the name Vigil

  • Isabel Allende: Chilean-American author
  • Dom Vigil: American football player
  • Mónica Vigil: Puerto Rican track and field athlete
  • Víctor Hugo Vigiler: Argentine actor
  • Felix Vigil: American politician
  • Cancerbero: Chilean rock band
  • Benito Vigil: American anthropologist
  • Fabiola Vigiler: Argentine actress
  • Michael Vigil: former DEA chief of international operations
  • Leo Vigil: American football player

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