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Surname Villegas - Meaning and Origin

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E. Villegas

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Villegas: What does the surname Villegas mean?

The last name Villegas is of Spanish origin and is derived from "villa", which means town and "egas", which denotes a place. So collectively, it means 'the place of the town'. It is often associated with people who lived near or in the town. The surname primarily originated in Northern Spain's regions of Castile and Leon. Over time, it has spread to other Spanish-speaking parts of the world including Latin America. Many variations of Villegas can be found, based on regional dialects and language evolution over the centuries. Despite these variations, the fundamental meaning and origin stay constant. To remember, though surnames usually reflect one's geographical Aboriginality, occupational roles, or a personal characteristic, it doesn't necessarily ascertain those traits in individuals carrying the name today.

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Villegas: Where does the name Villegas come from?

The last name Villegas is most commonly found in Latin American countries. It is a Spanish surname, and so it is more frequent in countries like Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and others that formerly belonged to the Spanish Empire. The last name is also common among people of Hispanic or Latino heritage in the United States.

In Spain, the name may be considered quite rare, though there are small pockets of people with the surname among the more than forty-five million inhabitants of the country.

There are various explanations as to the origin of the name Villegas. It is said to come from the Latin villa legis, which means “law village”, and is believed to reflect the fact that the original bearers of the name were residents of a village that was ruled by a local lawgiver. Another possible origin is from a personal name such as “Villa”, which was first used as a surname in the 12th century; 'Legas' is thought to be a dialectal corruption of the Latin Leukas or Lucius.

It is impossible to know how many people currently bear the name Villegas, but at last count in 2019, an estimated 3,586,441 individuals had this surname worldwide. Therefore, it is fair to say that the last name Villegas is quite common today.

Variations of the surname Villegas

The surname Villegas can be spelled and pronounced in different ways, depending on the country where it is used. In Spanish-speaking countries, the most common spellings for Villegas include: Villegas, Villagas, and Villagés.

Other variants of this surname in Spanish-speaking countries include: Villagas, Voyáguez, Vellejas, Velegas, and Velezguez. In Portuguese-speaking countries, a common variant of this name is Vilagas.

The Villegas surname is also used in some Spanish-speaking regions of the United States, such as in Texas and California. In this case, it is spelled as it is in Spanish, Villegas.

One important variant of this surname can be found among Mexican Americans. In Mexico, the most common spelling is Villegas.

Variants of Villegas in other languages are also common. For example, in French it is spelled Villegas, and in Italian it is spelled Villeggia.

In addition, there are several surnames that may have been derived from the Villegas surname. The most common of these is Villagomez, which is the Spanish adaptation of Villegas. Other related names include Villalba, Villases, Villanueva, and Villavicencio.

Finally, there is a Jewish variant of Villegas in the form of Viligas.

Famous people with the name Villegas

  • Paula Villegas: Colombian journalist and host of the radio program 'La Tarde en Vivo'.
  • Diego Villegas: Venezuelan musician, pianist, and composer.
  • Francisco Rodriguez Villegas: Venezuelan film producer, director and screenwriter.
  • Yrina Villegas: Venezuelan singer and actress.
  • Diego Villegas: Venezuelan model and racing driver.
  • Juan Carlos Villegas: Venezuelan tennis player and champion.
  • Ana Sofia Villegas: Mexican fashion designer.
  • Emilio Villegas: Mexican painter and sculptor.
  • Arturo Villegas: Mexican painter and sculptor.
  • Misael Villegas: Mexican baseball player.
  • Hellen Villegas: Mexican singer.
  • Félix Villegas: Colombian former Secretary of Defense.
  • Carlos Enrique Villegas: Colombian soccer player.
  • Ernesto Villegas: Venezuelan former Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information.
  • Sergio Villegas: Nicaraguan singer and actor.
  • Celia Sonia Villegas: Cuban beauty pageant contestant and winner.

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