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Surname Villyard - Meaning and Origin

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Villyard: What does the surname Villyard mean?

The last name Villyard is of French origin, and is believed to have derived from the family name 'Villersard' which is a combination of the words 'ville' meaning town and 'ard' meaning strong or hardy. The meaning behind this name is thought to be someone who was a steadfast resident of a town or locality.

The Villyard surname first began appearing as far back as the 12th century. During this time, it was quite common for many people to take on a last name that described particular traits or qualities in them, and it is thought that the Villyard surname was taken on in this way.

In other words, those with the Villyard last name were well-established people of their community, and were seen to be reliable and hardworking residents. In France, this surname is still fairly common today, mostly within the Loire Valley region.

In terms of spelling variations, this surname has seen many alterations over the years, ranging from ' Villageard' to 'Villehard', making it fairly common to find several versions of the same name in various historical records.

Overall, the last name Villyard is believed to symbolize steadfastness, reliability and hard work, which is why it is still quite common today.

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Villyard: Where does the name Villyard come from?

The last name Villyard is not a common surname today, and it is not found in the United States' most popular surname list. It does not appear anywhere in the top 1000 surnames in the US, although it is not uncommon in other countries.

Although the specific origin of the last name Villyard is unknown, family historians have speculated that it may be derived from the French language. This suggests that the surname is more common in Europe, with some tracing the earliest Villyards in France and the surrounding areas.

Recent records have found the surname in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and even India. The largest population of Villyards is found in Canada, mostly concentrated in Brockville, Ontario. In the United States, the name appears occasionally in states such as California, Texas, North Carolina, and New York.

Even though the surname is not commonly found within the US, it is still fairly widespread around the world. It is likely that the surname is connected to the larger families that left Europe at the beginning of the 19th century and traveled to other parts of the world in search of a better life. Today, Villyard is not a common surname, but it is still present in many countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Villyard

The surname Villyard is derived from the Old English given name Wiligard, often was spelled Villigard. The name is ultimately derived from the Old German name Wiligard, which means "will-guard". This name was brought to England during the Norman Conquest of 1066. Regional spellings of Villyard can include Vilhard, Villehard, Vilheard, Villhard, Villharde, Villeharde, Williard, Willyard, Willyarde.

Variants of this surname include Villyer, Viller, Vilier, Villier, and Vileyard. The French variant of this name is Vilher or Vilhaire. Other variants found in’s record include Vilhard, Vylhard, Vylheard, Vincent, Vigilard, Viller, Villher, Villaiard, Vilherd, Veliard, Vialard, Villiard, Vilhaire, Villhar, Vylherd, and Vyllard.

Surnames of same origins as Villyard are Wiligard, Willyard, Williard, Willyarde, Wilhard, Vilhard, Villehard, Vilheard, Villhard, Villharde, Villeharde, Villyer, Viller, Vilier, Villier, Vilhaire, Vilher, Vylhard, Vylheard, Vincent, Vigilard, Villehard, Villher, Vilherd, Veliard, Vialard, Villiard, Vylherd, and Vyllard.

Famous people with the name Villyard

  • Karim Villyard: Karim Villyard is an Amsterdam-based fashion photographer, with a client list that includes AllSaints, Vogue, and Next. He is known for his stylish and eye-catching images.
  • Lionel Villyard: Lionel Villyard is a French soccer player who plays for FC Nantes in the Ligue 1. He is known for his strong defensive skills and for being a very reliable player.
  • Paul Villyard: Paul Villyard is an American artistic gymnast who competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is known for his excellent floor routines and unique style of performance.
  • William Villyard: William Villyard is an American theater and film actor who has appeared in films such as Menace II Society, Chicago, and Bulworth. He is known for his powerful onscreen presence and intense performances.
  • Charles Villyard: Charles Villyard is a British auto racer who has competed in the BTCC for several years now. He is known for his aggressive driving style and for his tireless commitment to the sport.

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