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Surname Vives - Meaning and Origin

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Vives: What does the surname Vives mean?

The last name Vives is of Spanish origin and is derived from the word "vivir," which means "to live" in English. Therefore, it can be translated to "lives" or "alive." The surname could have been a nickname for someone full of life or possibly used for someone who had a near-death experience but survived. Like many surnames that originated from Spain, Vives is also widespread in Latin America due to the historical Spanish colonization. Among notable people with this surname include the Grammy Award-winning Latin pop singer, Carlos Vives. In general, this makes the last name a common one among Spanish-speaking populations around the world. Remember that the meaning of a surname can depend on its cultural and historical context, and this is one interpretation.

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Vives: Where does the name Vives come from?

The last name Vives is a Spanish name that has been spread throughout the world by the global migration phenomenon. It is an especially popular name in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru, which have all seen large numbers of Spaniards migrate to their respective countries throughout their history. The name can also be found in some concentrations in southern European countries, including Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

Those with the last name Vives have also made their mark in the United States, where the name is most prevalent in California and Florida. Communities of Latin American immigrants have made their way to the larger cities in California, such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. The same is true in Florida where the same phenomenon has taken place, mainly in Orlando, Miami, and Tampa.

Vives is also quite common in the Caribbean, especially in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, as a result of the influx of Spanish immigration throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

In short, the last name Vives can be found in many countries around the world. It is especially common in areas where Spanish immigration has had a large impact over the years, though it can still be found scattered throughout other regions of the world due to the global migration phenomenon.

Variations of the surname Vives

The surname Vives is of Spanish origin, and is a contracted form of the Latin "VIVUS", meaning alive or living. This surname is found particularly across Spain and Latin America, and has several variants, spellings, and surnames which stem from the same origin.

Variants of the name Vives include Vivas, Vivós, Vivar, Vibes, Vivar, Vivero, Vivo, Vivarão, Vivarini, and Vivancos. These variations can be found across multiple languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

The spelling of the surname Vives is also subject to slight changes, and can be found with suffixes added, such as Vivesi, Vivesio, Vivesa, Vivesino, Vivesita, and Vivesita.

Surnames which are related to the name Vives include Vivier, Viviers, Vivocques, Vivecques, Vivires, Viviac, Vivac, Vivaca, Vivado, Vivaldi, Vivar, Vivaras, Vivares, Vivarelli, Vivarini, Vivarino, Viviano, Vivides, Viviero, and Vivik.

In short, the surname Vives has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames derived from the same origin, and is commonly found across Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries.

Famous people with the name Vives

  • Enrique Vives: Spanish in-demand composer, arranger, and producer with over 160 recorded albums, including nine Latin Grammy Awards.
  • Carlos Vives: Colombian singer and songwriter for many Colombian and Latin American songs. Recognized for being a pioneer of Latin American music as well as his versatility in exploring various musical genres.
  • Ferran Vives: Spanish cardiologist and president of the European Society of Hypertension from 2019-2021.
  • Joan Vives: Spanish actor who has appeared in many films and series, including Señora Inés and No te puedes esconder.
  • Xavier Vives: Spanish economist and professor of economics and finance at IESE Business School of the University of Navarra.
  • Fernando Vives: Argentine civil engineer and architect based in the City of Buenos Aires.
  • Josep Vives: Spanish professional soccer player who currently plays for the club Villarreal in the Primera División.
  • Alfred Vives: Spanish composer and music professor at the Music Conservatory of Valencia and president of the Artesanía Musical Foundation.
  • Players Vives: Spanish professional basketball player who has played for several European teams, including Unicaja Málaga.
  • Andreu Vives: Spanish composer and music professor who works with many popular musicians, including musicians from rock, pop, jazz, and classical music.

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