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Surname vojinovic - Meaning and Origin

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vojinovic: What does the surname vojinovic mean?

The surname Vojinovic is of Slavic origin and is believed to come from the term "Vojin", a common first name among Serbs, meaning 'warrior' or 'soldier'. The suffix '-vic', typically used in many Slavic countries, indicates 'son of', hence the combined meaning of the name can be interpreted as 'son of the warrior' or 'son of the soldier'. It suggests lineage from a family with a history of military service. Like many surnames, it was likely used to indicate a person's occupation or lineage. However, meanings of names can vary across regions and time periods. It is also worth noting that due to variations in spelling and pronunciation across different Slavic regions and countries, the exact meaning and origin of the name may differ slightly.

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vojinovic: Where does the name vojinovic come from?

The last name Vojinovic is primarily found in the Southern European countries of Serbia and Croatia. It is quite common throughout the region, particularly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo as well. Although it has been around for centuries, the last name is still relatively rare outside of the Balkans. There are a few notable expatriate families scattered all over the world, especially in the United States, Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe and South America.

For those that are native to the region, the last name can be found as far north as Slovenia and as far south as Albania and Greece. Vojinovic is also surprisingly quite popular in Hungary. Despite the relatively limited geographic concentration, communities of Vojinovic individuals can be found in surprising numbers throughout the region today.

The exact origins of the Vojinovic name are somewhat mysterious. However, it is believed that it comes from a combination of two Serbian words: “voj” and “novik,” meaning “new soldier.” It was likely given to the members of an ancient military regiment as a title or surname. Despite its antiquated origin, the last name Vojinovic continues to be a mainstay in the region today.

Variations of the surname vojinovic

The surname Vojinovic is primarily a Slavic surname. It is an originally Serbian surname. It can be found among Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and Macedonian people. It might also be spelt as Vojinovich, Vojinovitch, Vojnović, Vojinović or Vojnovič.

The variants of this surname can also appear with an additional “i” at the end. This would make the spelling Vojinovici, Vojinovichi, Vojinovichi, Vojinovitchi, Vojnovići, Vojinovići or Vojnoviči. Some people may even spell it with two “i” at the end, which would make it Vojinovicii, Vojinovichi, Vojinovichi, Vojinovitchi, Vojnovići, Vojinovići or Vojnoviči.

The surname Vojinovic is also known to originate from the given name Vojin. Vojin is a Slavic masculine given name derived from the concepts of “war” and “combative”. Thus, different forms and spelling of this name have also been derived. This includes the surnames Vojin, Vojinov, Vojinovic, Vojinovitch, Vojnović, Vojinović or Vojnovič.

The Vojinovic surname is a fairly common name within longitudinal genealogical records. It is also found amongst Slovene families who settled in what is now Serbia and beyond. Thus, it is also known by some of its variants such as Vojinovič or Voinovič. It is known to have also been adopted as a last name by some of the families of Polish origin who lived in the region.

In conclusion, the surname Vojinovic has multiple variant spellings and surnames related to it. Some of these variants include Vojinovich, Vojinovitch, Vojnović, Vojinović, Vojnovič, Vojinovici, Vojinovichi, Vojinovichi, Vojinovitchi, Vojnovići, Vojinovići, Vojnoviči, Vojinovicii, Vojinovichi, Vojinovichi, Vojinovitchi, Vojnovići, Vojinovići and Vojnoviči, as well as the surnames Vojin, Vojinov, Vojinovič and Voinovič.

Famous people with the name vojinovic

  • Petar Vojinovic: A famous Balkan artist who has painted in notable locations around the world such as the Louvre in Paris.
  • Darko Vojinovic: A Serbian playwright, poet and writer who is well known for his neo-expressionist plays.
  • Ljuba Vojinovic: A Serbian film director whose films have been shown and won awards at international film festivals.
  • Aleksandar Vojinovic: A Serbian painter known for his surrealist and abstract art.
  • Branislav Vojinovic: A Serbian physicist and SRP president from 1989 to 1990.
  • Dragan Vojinovic: A Serbian pop and folk musician and composer whose songs have been popular across the Balkan region.
  • Srdjan Vojinovic: A Serbian film director and producer who has made several acclaimed documentaries.
  • Jelena Vojinovic: A Serbian actress who has appeared in several major Serbian films and television series.
  • Jovan Vojinovic: A Serbian lawyer and president of ICJ from 1997 to 1998.
  • Dragan Vojinovic: A Serbian football player who has played professionally in Serbia, Switzerland and Romania.

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