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Surname Vorotintsev - Meaning and Origin

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Vorotintsev: What does the surname Vorotintsev mean?

The last name Vorotintsev is of Russian origin and is a patronymic surname, which is a surname that is derived from the first name of the father. It is derived from the Russian word "vorotit," meaning "to turn." Thus, it is likely to have referred to someone who was an expert at turning things, since the root of the word is related to the verb "to turn."

The name likely referred to an artisan, such as a carpenter, whose expertise was taking something and making something new out of it. This could be a skill in carpentry or in making something else from the raw materials available. Alternatively, it could have been someone who was able to turn something that was considered bad into something good.

In any case, the name Vorotintsev carries with it a certain connotation of someone who has the ability to make something new out of something old. It reflects the values of resourcefulness and creativity, as well as perseverance and determination. Such values are still important today and are certainly worth holding onto.

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Vorotintsev: Where does the name Vorotintsev come from?

The last name Vorotintsev can be found most prominently in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and other neighboring countries that were part of the former Soviet Union. It is especially common in cities and regions such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tula, Ufa, Minsk, Chernihiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Voronezh.

The origin of the surname is most likely derived from the Russian general Alexander Vorotintsev, who was a Field Marshal of the Russian Empire from 1805 to 1810. The Vorotintsev family was part of the Russian nobility and some claim that the surname was derived from a term meaning “king” or “lord”.

Most sources point to the Vorotintsev family having roots in the Ukraine prior to the 1700s, especially in the Hrodno and Vilno areas. But the readings suggest that the family may have had origins in Belarus or from the Volga-Ural area.

Today, the surname is quite popular among the Russian population and among others of East Slavic descent. There have been a number of famous people with the last name, ranging from scientists to writers to musicians to historical figures. Most notable of these is Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Vorotintsev, a Soviet physicist and one of the fathers of the Soviet atomic bomb. Other notable people who share the surname include Major General Pavel Ivanovich Vorotintsev, a Soviet Army general; artist Boris Vorotintsev; and journalist Larisa Vorotintseva.

Variations of the surname Vorotintsev

The surname Vorotintsev is derived from the Russian word vorotit, meaning to turn around, spin. Spellings of this surname include Vorotyntsev, Vorotyntsyn, Vorotyntseva, Vorotintseva, Vorotintsyna, Vorotyntsov, Vorotyntsova, and Vorotintsov. Since the last name is patronymic, descendants from the same family often use different surnames, including Vorotintsev, Vorotyntsev, Vorotintsova, Vorotyntsova, and Vorotyntseva.

The surname is common among the various East Slavic ethnic groups of Russia and Ukraine, as well as other Slavic countries. The surname has been consistently found in court records, census lists, and other extant documents from the 17th to the 19th centuries. The distribution of this surname in Russia and Ukraine depends on the region. In some areas it is more common than in others.

Vorotintsev is also a common toponymic (place name) for villages and towns in many Slavic countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and others. This is due to the fact that those places were previously inhabited by the people from Vorotintsev family, or a person who was linked to the family.

An alternative spelling of the surname- Varditintsev- is also found in some parts of Ukraine. The same origin is also attested by variant spellings, like Varotinamer, Varotinamers and Varotynamer.

This surname may also take different forms in other languages as well. For example, in Belarusian the variant forms include Voratyniec, Voratyniec’ and Vorotyntcev, while in Czech and Slovak the surnames Vorotynec and Vrotinets are common. In Polish the commonly used forms are Warotynski and Werotyn.

In conclusion, the surname Vorotintsev has a whole array of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. This diversity speaks to the wide-spread history of this surname throughout Russia and the other Slavic regions.

Famous people with the name Vorotintsev

  • Serafim Alekseevich Vorotyntsev: Soviet military leader who served as Chief of the General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces from 1982 till 1987.
  • Nikolai Vorotyntsev: Russian academic, scholar, professor and since 1998 the president and professor emeritus of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.
  • Fedor Vorotyntsev: Russian lieutenant general who served as the head of the Ministry of Transport in the Russian Imperial Army in the late 19th century.
  • Kirill Aloych Vorotyntsev: Russian naturalist known for his work on entomology and classification systems for various species during the 18th century.
  • Yevgeny Vorotyntsev: Russian explorer, geographer and hydrographer active in the late 19th century and the early 20th century.
  • Alexander Vorotyntsev: Soviet partisan who fought against the Nazi Germany army in Belarus during the Second World War.
  • Valentina Vorotyntseva: soviet film and theatre actress who was both popular in her homeland as abroad in the mid 20th century.
  • Andrey Vorontsov-Dashkievich: Russian bibliographer, literary historian and academic who was a professor at Moscow University from 1919 till 1927.
  • Nikolay A. Vorontsov: Russian and Soviet public figure who was most prominently active around the 19th century.
  • Serhei A. Vorontsov: Soviet scientist, engineer and space program designer who was a leading figure of the Korolyov Design Bureau in the 1980s.

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