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Surname Walles - Meaning and Origin

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Walles: What does the surname Walles mean?

The surname Walles is believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the Old English word 'waella', which translates to 'spring wall'. In Middle English, the spelling of this word evolved to wales, and then to the modern spelling Walles. The surname is generally believed to be locational, derived from residences near a spring, or a location in which a well was dug.

As a locational surname, Walles may also have originally referred to people who moved from southerly towns and villages named Walles, such as Walleis in Wisbech, Hampshire. It is possible that the surname was adapted from the Welsh "Wallis" which translates to "Foreigner".

The surname Walles may also have been initially used as a nickname. It could have been given to a person who lived near a wall or was an expert builder of walls, or to a person who had a characteristic "pricey" or overbearing demeanour.

The name Walles has spread across Europe over the centuries, most likely due to migration and immigration. Today, the surname is most commonly found in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Regardless of its origins, the surname Walles is a reminder of the rich history of medieval Europe.

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Walles: Where does the name Walles come from?

The surname Walles is a common spelling variation of the name Wallace, which is derived from the Old French word 'walais' meaning "foreigner." The name Wallace is of Norman origin and derived from a place near the town of Amiens in Normandy.

Walles is most commonly found in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. It can be seen in the US Census records as far back as the 1700s, suggesting that the Walles first arrived in the US during the colonial period.

In the US, Walles is most commonly found in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, although it can also be found in other states. In the UK, it is mostly found in Scotland, where its prevalence is highest. It can also be found in some parts of Ireland and England.

In Australia, the Walles familytree is predominately found in Victoria, New South Wales, and the ACT. Canada’s Walles family tree is largely found in Ontario and British Columbia.

Overall, the name Walles is relatively common today, with large numbers of people carrying the surname in all of the countries mentioned. It is likely that the name was brought to the US and Canada by emigrants during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and that its prevalence has since spread to other parts of the Anglosphere.

Variations of the surname Walles

Walles is a surname of English derivation. It can be spelled in various ways, including Wallis, Walliss, Walls, and Walles. It can also be spelled in various combinations, such as Wallce, Wallse, and Wallice.

Walles is derived from the Old French name Wallise, meaning "first son". This was often used as a given name, which over time became a surname.

The name Walles is also thought to be derived from the Old English word walh, meaning "stranger". This is an occupational name used to refer to an immigrant or traveler. This could also be used to refer to people who moved around often, such as people who traded goods.

Variants of the Walles surname include Welsh, Wallisch, Walliski, Walleshon, Wallscheck, Wallschoff, Welsche, and Wellhausen. These variants all derive from the same origin as the Walles surname.

The Walles surname can also be found in other countries, such as Germany, Ireland, and Scotland. In Scotland, the Walles surname is also spelled Wallace or Wallice. In Ireland, the surname is spelled Uallas.

The Walles surname is closely related to other surnames, such as Wallace and Wallis. Despite the various spellings, these surnames are all derived from the same origin.

Famous people with the name Walles

  • Steven Wallace: former NASCAR driver
  • Sarah Wallis: director, screenwriter, and film producer
  • David Wallis: Hollywood producer and former child actor
  • Frank Wallis: Australian rules football player
  • Heather Wallis: British artist and sculptor
  • Kenneth Wallis: British actor and stuntman
  • Michael Walles: Canadian actor
  • Stephen Walles: British sculptor and founder of the Exeter School of Art and Design
  • Kate Wallis: Australian actress
  • Richard Walles: Australian professional golfer

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