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Surname Wallenzus - Meaning and Origin

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Wallenzus: What does the surname Wallenzus mean?

The last name Wallenzus is a German surname that is most widely found in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. The name is believed to have arisen sometime in the Middle Ages and may be derived from the Middle High German root "walt" which translates roughly as "rule". This likely refers to a family who held a influential position in a local community or who were landowners in their village.

The coat of arms associated with this name includes a blue shield with three fleur-de-lis, each of a different color (gold, silver and red). This image is most likely symbolic of the family's importance and prestige. There is also an intricate banner beneath the shield that includes the house motto as well as a crown above it. The motto translates to "If goodness, correctness and bravery are observed, the victorious victory awaits" and emphasizes the importance of honorable behavior.

The Wallenzus surname is shared by a small but growing number of people worldwide. It is a reminder of the family's proud heritage and encourages its members to strive for excellence and to uphold the ideals of honesty and respect.

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Wallenzus: Where does the name Wallenzus come from?

The last name Wallenzus is not a particularly common name today and can most likely be found mainly in Europe. However, as of 2017, it is most commonly used in Germany. In addition to Germany, Wallenzus can be found in countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and even Argentina.

Within Germany the most common areas in which the name Wallenzus are found are the city-states of Hamburg, Brandenburg, Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein. And although the name is not as common as in the past, it is still a fairly populous surname found throughout Germany.

In recent years, the Wallenzus surname has been documented in countries outside of Germany such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. This is likely due to a wave of German immigrants that were travelling in South America in the 19th century. According to the Argentine Immigration Office, the Wallenzus name is still used by many Argentines today.

In the Netherlands, the Wallenzus name is not all that uncommon. It is a fairly common Dutch surname, however, is usually found more prominently in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Given its current presence in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as its documented presence in South America, the Wallenzus name still has a presence in various parts of the world. However, its prevalence is nowhere near what it was in the past.

Variations of the surname Wallenzus

The surname Wallenzus is of German origin and can be found in various forms throughout Europe. The most common variants of this surname are Wallensius, Walchensius, Wallenzeus, and Wallenzius. Other alternate spellings include Walensius, Walensius, Walemzius, and Valenzus.

In some regions, the surname Wallenzus has evolved into other surnames. For example, in Italy, the name Wallenzus has transformed into Wallesius, Walloso, and Waltzesius. Additionally, in the Netherlands, the surname Wallenzus can be found as Wallesius and Waléalus.

In Germany, the Wallenzus family can trace its roots back centuries; the earliest recorded instances of the name being Walonsius in a document dated 1402. Many German speakers have adopted the Wallenzus surname of the last 400 years.

In other European countries like France, the Wallenzus surname has been used in all its variants. Interestingly, the name has spread to France not only as "Wallenzus", but also as "Wallensius" and "Vallensius".

Finally, Wallenzus has spread to Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark where it’s spelled Wallenius. Additionally, some instances of Wallenzus can be found in America where it represents a combined form of Wallensius and Wallenzius.

Famous people with the name Wallenzus

  • Svein Wallenzus: Norwegian actor, writer, and director
  • Elinor Wallenzus: Swedish actress
  • Shawn Wallenzus: Minnesota politician
  • Harry Wallenzus: German philosopher, writer, and teacher
  • Gus Wallenzus: German-born Canadian soccer player
  • Warren Wallenzus: MLB pitcher
  • Morna Wallenzus: American author
  • Christian Wallenzus: German mathematician
  • Heidi Wallenzus: U.S. Merchant Marine captain
  • Marcus Wallenzus: Swedish modern pentathlete

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