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Surname Willert - Meaning and Origin

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Willert: What does the surname Willert mean?

The surname Willert is of German origin and found mainly in the southern and eastern parts of the country. The word “Willert” can be translated to English as “daring” or “courageous”.

The Willert name suggests that individuals of this surname would have been brave, bold, and heroic in times of danger and adversity. In their ancestry, family members likely had to apply considerable amounts of courage and heroic actions in order to survive and protect their loved ones.

The surname is believed to have originated in medieval Germany. During this time, names were closely associated with a person's occupation or profession. The Latin verb "valere" translates to "to be well, healthy, brave, or strong," meaning that individuals with the Willert surname likely possessed these qualities and were very successful in their professional lives.

Today, the Willert surname is still carried by individuals who are proud of their ancestral heritage. Those with this surname continue to embody the qualities of strength, courage, and persistency that their forefathers modeled for them. The name serves as a reminder of how far each generation has come and remains an inspiration for future generations, as well.

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Willert: Where does the name Willert come from?

The last name Willert is most common today in Germany and the United States. In Germany it is mainly found in the western regions of Bavaria, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Saxony-Anhalt.

In the United States, the largest concentration of Willerts is in the Midwest, particularly in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The name is also common in Texas and in some parts of California.

The Willert surname originated in Germany, and was likely derived from the Germanic personal name Wilhelm. It is most commonly seen as part of a compound name, such as Wilhelm-ert or Will-ert. The Willert name was first introduced in the Middle Ages, during the time the Germanic Kingdom of East Francia was formed.

Within the United States, the earliest record of the name was in the mid-1800s, when William and Magdalena Willert arrived in America from the village of Zeitz, Germany, with their sons Karl and Gustav.

Suggested by further research, many Willerts who came to America during this period were originally agricultural laborers and servants who had been disempowered by the 19th century Prussian reforms. By the early decades of the 20th century, the Willerts had dispersed across the United States, with some settling within the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Today, the surname Willert is among the most commonly found surnames in Germany and the United States. It is also commonly found in other countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Willert

The surname Willert is a patronymic surname of German origin, derived from the names Wilhelm and Willer. This surname is also found in many variant spellings, surnames of similar meaning, and variations in spelling and diacritics.

Variations of the surname Willert include Wilert, Wylert, Wihilert, Wihlet, Wilert, Wyllett, Wyllet, Wylette, and Willets.

Variations of the name with a ‘V’ include Vihlet, Vyhlert, Viyhlert and Vyhlet.

Alternative spellings that could be a derivative of Willert include Wellert, Wellert, Weller, Wilers, Wuller, Whillers, Vollert, Vellert, Waler, and Viler.

Alternate surnames of similar origin include Willette, Willetson, Willetts, Wylleman, Wilkey, and Wilkeson.

The anglicised form of the surname is Wifeler. Common misspellings of Willert include Wilett, Willit, Villet, Willett, and Willettson.

In conclusion, the surname Willert comes in many different forms and spellings, including wylert, vihlet, willette, whillers, wilkey, and vollert, as well as many others.

Famous people with the name Willert

  • Christoph Willert: German film composer
  • Johann H Willert: English tobacco merchant and philanthropist
  • Melina Willert: Brazilian former-professional beach volleyball player
  • Jessica Willert: American veterinarian and yoga instructor
  • Paul Willert: German aerospace engineer and entrepreneur
  • Yosephine Willert: Dutch centenarian and a life span record holder
  • Kurt Willert: German painter and printmaker
  • Johannes Willert: German architect and painter
  • Linda Willert: American journalist and broadcast host
  • Meike Willert: German politician and Member of Parliament

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