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Surname Willering - Meaning and Origin

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Willering: What does the surname Willering mean?

The surname Willering is derived from a German-language family name, and it has several possible origins. First, it can be derived from the Old High German term "wiliheri," meaning "desire to protect." Alternatively, it could come from the German words "wil," meaning "will," and "er," meaning "soldier." Lastly, it could also be derived from the Middle High German "werling," meaning "child of a servant."

The English-language version of the name has been in use since the early 19th century. While Willering may not appear to be a common name, in the Dutch language, it is much more popular, as the variants Wieling, Willing, and Wieler are all derived from Willering.

Willering is rooted in a strong sense of protection and guardianship. This fits in with the meanings behind the various possibilities of its origin, and makes it a fitting name for someone driven to protect and watch over others. Such people are often seen as trustworthy and reliable, traits matching those that the Willering surname implies.

Ultimately, the name Willering carries a long and interesting history, and it is loaded with meanings and connotations of protection. It is a fitting name for anyone looking to guard and protect their beloved ones.

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Willering: Where does the name Willering come from?

The surname Willering is a very uncommon name in North America and Europe, but it is more common in parts of South America. Specifically, it is most common in Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

The origin of the name Willering is unclear but we do know it is of German-Dutch or possibly Swedish origin and that it was originally spelled Willerer or Willereer.

In Argentina, the name is predominantly found in the provinces of Buenos Aries, Catamarca, Chaco, Corrientes, Formosa, and San Juan. In Bolivia the name is concentrated primarily in the Department of Santa Cruz and in Paraguay it is most common in the capital city, Asuncion, and in the towns of Villarrica and Concepcion.

Interestingly, in some of these South American countries, the family name is spelled slightly differently, such as Villela, Villegas, Villalba, or Villalobos. This is likely due to either the name having been changed when the families first emigrated and arrived in South America, or due to local language and pronunciation influences.

The name Willering can be found in some US-based records due to the immigration of South American citizens in the early 1900s. In modern times, the surname is still most commonly used in South America, though some families have relocated to Europe and North America over the years.

Variations of the surname Willering

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Willering include Willering, Welering, Weihering, Wielering, Wiling, Wiling, Velling, Veeling, Voeling and Völkerling.

Willering is believed to have originated from Germany, probably from the Low German area. The literal translation of Willering is ‘will’ which indicates that the name likely evolved from a personal name derived from the German and Dutch verb ‘willen’, meaning to want.

Welering is derived from the Old German word ‘wellen’, meaning to roll or to turn. Haitians of this surname trace their roots back to a Dutch settler, Johannes Willere, who came to the island in 1685.

Weihering is derived from the German words for ‘weir’, meaning a dam or a fish trap, and ‘ring’, meaning circle. This surname appears to have been adopted by people living near water ​ways.

Wielering is derived from the same Old German word ‘wellen’, with an added ‘-ing’, and reinforces the idea that the name may have originally been a nickname for someone who rolled or turned something.

Wiling is derived from the ancient northern Germanic name Wilekin, which in some areas of Germany, the Netherlands, and France took the form of Wiling.

Velling, Veeling, Voeling and Völkerling are all derived from the Germanic words for ‘to wander’ or ‘to stray’, and are likely to have been adopted by migrants or settlers who moved from one place to another.

In conclusion, Willering suggests a strong connection to Germany and other parts of Northern Europe, while its variants and spellings allude to occupations, personal characteristics, and an exploration of the world beyond their immediate environments.

Famous people with the name Willering

  • Gordon Willering: Former state minister for Corrective Services in the Government of Queensland, Australia.
  • Maarten Willering: Dutch football player.
  • Roger Willering: Automotive journalist and author.
  • Raymond Willering: Dutch olympic medallist (Swimming).
  • Erwin Willering: Dutch lawyer and former parliamentarian.
  • Eric Willering: Former Dutch air force commander.
  • Peter Willering: Dutch football coach and trainer.
  • Tom Willering: Former Dutch professor of mathematical science.
  • Willy Willering: Former Dutch football goalkeeper and manager.
  • Kees Willering: Dutch professor and medical doctor.

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