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Surname Willenweber - Meaning and Origin

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Willenweber: What does the surname Willenweber mean?

The last name Willenweber is of German origin and translates to mean “will to weave” or “desire to weave”. It is derived from the Germanic elements “wille” meaning “will” and “weben” meaning “to weave”. This indicates that bearers of the name likely had ancestors who were weavers or worked with fabrics, either as professionals or as hobbyists.

The name is likely among the oldest German surnames, with records of it dating back to the 13th century. At that time, it was quite common to take on a surname that described one’s occupation, making it unlikely that the name Willenweber was randomly chosen. It most likely indicated a long family line of men and women with a strong connection to textiles and weaving.

Because of its appealing meaning and its age, Willenweber is a popular last name in Germany, especially in the regions of Hesse, Baden-Wurttemberg, and Rhineland-Palatinate. Communities of those with the name live in Germany as well as a few other European countries, such as Switzerland, Austria, and Czech Republic.

Today, people from multiple generations of those bearing the name Willenweber can trace their ancestry to the name's origin of weaving and textiles. It serves as an interesting reminder of a promising and dedicated past of the unique last name.

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Willenweber: Where does the name Willenweber come from?

Willenweber is an uncommon name, and it is not found in many countries today. According to the White Pages, Willenweber is most common in the United States and Germany, particularly within the states of Ohio, Wisconsin, and New York, and the regions of Bavaria and Lower Saxony.

Most Willenweber surnames are thought to originate in Germany and are believed to be of Bavarian or Lower Saxony origin. The earliest known Willenweber family member is Johannes Willenweber of France, who is recorded in 1792 when he donated land to a church in Strasbourg.

Most Willenweber-bearing families in the United States today are descended from German immigrants who arrived in the nineteenth century. Many families settled in Wisconsin, where records indicate Willenwebers living as early as 1881 and 1883.

The Willenweber name continues to be found throughout the United States and is especially concentrated in the state of Ohio, where it is currently the 575th most common surname. In Germany, many Willenweber families can still be found in the Bavaria and Lower Saxony regions.

Due to the rarity of this surname, it is difficult to track the exact origins and locations of this surname with certainty. However, it can be concluded that Willenweber is mainly distributed in the United States and Germany, with the highest concentrations occurring in Ohio and Bavaria/Lower Saxony.

Variations of the surname Willenweber

The surname Willenweber is an old German name derived from the words ‘willen’ meaning will, and ‘weber’ meaning weaver. This patronymic name was found mainly in the Rhineland (now part of Germany), Holland, and Belgium.

Variations of this name have occurred over generations, due to the translation of the name from area to area, and also due to changes in spelling slang and dialects.

Examples of these variations include Willenweber, Willenweaver, Wilhelmweber, Willeweber, Willeweaver, Willweber, Willweaver, Willimweber, Willimweaver, Willmeweber, Willmeweaver.

Americanisations of the name include Willenberger, Willeberger, Willeperger, Willberger, and Willperger.

Different spellings of the name also exist, such as Willemwefeur, Willewafeer, Willamwebber, Wilamwebber, Willenilaefwer, Willewfever, Willamwaefaer, and Willemwebber.

Surnames with similar origins are Wullenwebber, Wilenweber, Willenwerfer, Willewerfer, Willemse, Wilmseder, Wilmes, Wilmse, Willmes, Willmse, Wille, Willeke, and Wilmann.

The surname Willenweber and its variants are found all over the world today, giving testament to the migration of people throughout history.

Famous people with the name Willenweber

  • Al Willenweber: Al Willenweber is an American golfer who won the 1976 Illinois Open Championship. He also appeared in two PGA Tour events as an amateur player.
  • Erich Willenweber: Erich Willenweber was a German World War II submarine captain who commanded the Type-IXD U-boat U-186 for two patrols. He and his crew were lost during his second patrol and his submarine was never recovered.
  • Frank Willenweber: Frank Willenweber is a German chess grandmaster, who made his international debut in 2000. He has won multiple German championships and represented Germany in the Chess Olympiads multiple times.
  • Elton Willenweber: Elton Willenweber is a Brazilian businessman best known for founding Homemoney, a financial services app. He also served as the deputy minister of employment for Brazil in the 1990s.
  • Wilm Willenweber: Wilm Willenweber is a German film director, known for his films such as The Sun Still Rises, Auf und Nieder, and Wiedersehen. He is also known for producing the television series 'Marienhof'.
  • Ica Willenweber: Ica Willenweber is a Romanian sprint canoer who competed in the late 1990s. She has received several medals at the European Championships, including two golds.
  • Danny Willenweber: Danny Willenweber is a Dutch DJ, producer and musician. He has released five albums, as well as various EPs and singles. He performs frequently around Europe.

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