The iGENEA Projects

In our projects, we highlight very interesting new discoveries in the field of DNA genealogy. We study the origins of famous people and aristocratic families. There are also currently more than 7,000 surname projects in our database.

The Bourbon DNA project. Are you descended from the kings of France and Spain?

Legends exist about children fathered out of wedlock by men from the House of Bourbon. For the first time ever, the opportunity to verify these stories with the help of a DNA test is offered by iGENEA. In the current project, we are looking for other living close relatives of this aristocratic family.

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Napoleons Y-DNA profile

Since the beginning of 2010 iGENEA is on the search for male descendants of the Bonaparte family with a large-scale worldwide project and conducted genetic comparisons. Now the Y-DNA profile of Napoleon has been published. Compare yourself!

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The Tutankhamun DNA Project

iGENEA exclusively publishes the Y-DNA profile of Tutankhamun and starts the search for his last living relatives in Europe. Compare your profile to the legendary Pharao and get your payment restored if you match with him.

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Surname projects

In a surname project an investigation of the biological relationship between men with the same or similar surnames is conducted.

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Famous persons

Compare your own DNA-profile with famous people's DNA.

Maybe your are related to Czar Nicholas Romanov, Che Guevara or Genghis Khan?

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The warrior gene

The warrior gene (MAOA-L gene variant) can increase the willingness of men to take risks while simultaneously enabling them to better assess their chances of success in critical situations. In addition, the warrior gene can bring about impulsive and aggressive behaviour.

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In addition to a certificate containing an origins analysis, genetic profile and personal interpretation, you also receive permanent and unlimited access to the largest DNA genealogy database in the world, which enables you to find genetic cousins.
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