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Surname Allan - Meaning and Origin

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U. Allan

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Allan: What does the surname Allan mean?

The last name Allan is of Celtic origin, primarily Irish and Scottish, derived from the Gaelic “ailin” that translates to 'little rock' or 'harmony'. The name is typically considered a masculine given name and a surname. The name was first used by descendants of the Gaelic tribe of Scotland known as the Strathclyde Britons. It became popular in the English language after being brought to Britain by Anglo-Saxon settlers. Over centuries, the Allan family played a significant role in the community and nation’s affairs contributing to the political and economic development of the regions. Therefore, people with the last name Allan might trace their lineage back to the ancient Celtic tribe from Britain. Noteworthy, this name is not to be confused with the variant surname Allen which although similarly pronounced, may have different origins, either from Celtic roots or from Old English language referring to 'dweller by the alder tree'.

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Allan: Where does the name Allan come from?

The last name Allan is of Celtic origin, specifically from Scotland, where it was first recorded in the region of the Scottish lowlands. It is a derivative of the first name "Alan", which has roots in the Celtic word "ailin" meaning "little rock" or possibly as a derivative of the name "Allen" meaning "handsome". Some believe it may have originated from a race of people known as the Alans, who lived in Brittany and were among the first wave of Normans that arrived in England in the 11th Century.

While the name Allan is still common in Scotland, it has also spread to other English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand due to migration. Furthermore, the name gained popularity in places like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Even though the spelling of the name may differ slightly from area to area, the origin remains the same. In some regions, it is not just used as a surname but also as a male first name. It is less common but not unheard of to see Allan being used as a middle name.

Variations of the surname Allan

The surname Allan has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Allen, Alen, Alan, Alain, Allin, Alleyn, Allayne, Allyn, Aland, Alland, Allanach and Allanson. Some of these spellings have been anglicized over time while others reflect the diverse national origins of the name which include English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and French roots.

In addition, there are many patronymic versions of the surname, meaning “son of Alan”, such as Allanson, Alanson, Allenby, Allsop, Allison, and Mackallan from Scotland; FitzAlan from England; and McAllan from Ireland. Variants like Alans and Allens are also common.

Certain variations of the spelling may also stem from translations of the name into different languages. For example, the Welsh form "Alun", the Scottish Gaelic form "Ailean", the Irish Gaelic form "Álainn" and the Breton form "Alan".

Other variants could be derived from augmentations of the name, such as the affectionate forms Allie or Alley, the diminutive forms Alkin, Allkin, Alcock, or Alkins, and the patronymic forms Allance, Allince, Allenson, and Allens.

Famous people with the name Allan

  • Edgar Allan Poe: Famous American writer known for his poetry and short stories, particularly his tales of mystery and macabre.
  • Gary Allan: Country music artist known for his gritty and unpolished sound.
  • Ethan Allan: American Revolutionary War patriot, farmer, and leader of the territory that would become the state of Vermont.
  • Debbie Allen: An American actress, dancer, choreographer, and television producer and director.
  • Laura Allen: An American actress known for her work in television series such as "All My Children".
  • Joan Allen: An American actress known for her roles in many successful films, including "The Bourne Identity".
  • Fred Allen: A respected American radio comedian.
  • Grace Allan: A New Zealand actress notable for her appearance in the movie “Pork Pie”.
  • Steve Allan: A well-known Canadian stand-up comedian, actor and television writer.
  • Byron Allen: A television producer and founder, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios, a global media production and distribution company.
  • James Allan: A Scottish musician popular as the frontman of the indie rock band Glasvegas.
  • Keegan Allen: A famous American actor, musician, photographer and author known for his role in the television show "Pretty Little Liars".

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