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Surname Cra - Meaning and Origin

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Cra: What does the surname Cra mean?

The name Cra is of Scottish origin and is believed to have derived from the name Crea or Creed. It is thought to be taken from the medieval nickname given to the highest ranking members of a family or group. It was believed as a surname that it would have been given to descendants of the original holder of the name.

The interpretation of the surname Cra is "wise one" and can also mean "decision maker" or "wise counselor". Often used as an nickname, the name Cra would have denoted the leader, decision maker, or family head of a certain clan or group.

The surname Cra is found mainly in Scotland but appears in other parts of the world, including England, Ireland, and the United States. The Cra surname is fairly rare, and often found in more rural or remote areas of Scotland.

The crest of the Cra family was a blue field with a silver chevron and within it three silver garbs. This may have indicated the family’s emphasis on wisdom and strength of judgment as being traits to be valued. The motto, “color et constans”, translates roughly as “Colourful and Constant”, and served to emphasize those traits and those of steadfastness and loyalty.

Overall, the surname Cra is a unique and meaningful name that could have been given to honor a wise leader or head of the family. It is still found in Scotland today, representing strength, wisdom and loyalty.

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Cra: Where does the name Cra come from?

Cra is an uncommon surname, and its origins are quite obscure due to its rarity. One potential origin could be a variation derived from other surnames (like Craig or Cragg) in English-speaking countries with ancestors who may have altered or shortened their surname over generations to make it easier to spell or pronounce. However, given the paucity of specific information surrounding its origin, it could also be of Asian, particularly Chinese origin, since some Chinese surnames can transcribe to 'Cra' in English. Today, its prevalence is not particularly high in any specific region or nation. What is certain though is that its usage cuts across multiple geographic boundaries. The study of individual surnames requires extensive research, including looking at the name in question's potential cultural, linguistic, and migratory history. Therefore, the origins and common locations of the Cra surname are difficult to pin down precisely because the name is so rare and its background so murky.

Variations of the surname Cra

The surname Cra is quite rare and has few variants. It's most commonly associated with Scottish heritage and is often seen as an abbreviation of longer names. The surname Cra might possibly descend from the surname Craig, which is a very common Scottish name derived from the Old Scottish-Gaelic "Creag", meaning "rock or cliff". Variations of Craig include Craigie, Craigh, Craik, and Crayke.

It could also potentially be a variant of the Scottish surname MacCrae or McCrae, which originally derived from the Gaelic personal name MacRath, meaning "son of grace". Other variations of MacCrae include Mccrea, Mcrea, and Macrae.

In Spain, there is a similar surname, "Crae", although its origins and relations to "Cra" are not clearly established. It's also worth noting that surnames can vary greatly due to regional dialects and phonetic spellings, given the lack of standardized spelling in earlier centuries.

Due to the rarity of the surname Cra, it might also be a shortened or altered form of a longer surname, possibly due to immigration, transcription errors, or cultural changes.

Famous people with the name Cra

  • Cate Blanchett: Oscar-winning actress.
  • Margaret Craven: Author of the novel "I Heard the Owl Call My Name".
  • Deryle Wailes: Retired professional soccer player.
  • Kappy Hatzell: Former professional motocross rider.
  • Chris Craft: NFL veteran linebacker.
  • John Craven: BBC presenter and journalist.
  • William Craven, 2nd Baron Craven: English peer and privateer.
  • Sir William Craven, 4th Baronet: Early Governor of Carolina and member of Parliament.
  • Adrianne Curry: Model, reality television personality, and spokesperson.
  • Patrick Crayton: NFL wide receiver.
  • William Craven, 1st Baron Craven: English soldier and privateer.
  • Laura Craven: English actress.
  • Don Craft: Professional rodeo cowboy.
  • Woody Craven: Sound engineer, record producer, and guitarist.
  • Damien Craven: Drummer of the English metal band, Revet Awaken.
  • Ruth Craven: English actress.
  • Bill Craft: Former Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Dan Craven: Professional cyclist from Namibia.
  • Iris Craven: English actress.
  • Leslie Craven: English journalist and broadcaster.

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