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Surname Craatz - Meaning and Origin

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Craatz: What does the surname Craatz mean?

The last name Craatz comes from a German origin. It is derived from a personal name derived from the Middle High German word "kraas," which translates to "brave or strong." Historical records suggest that the name refers to a person's bravery and strength in battle, usually in a military context.

The Craatz family was found originally in the area of Soest in Westphalia and it is thought that the Craatz family likely moved to other parts of Germany during the Middle Ages, where they could find prosperity and security. The family has roots in many Germanic countries that have a shared history and linguistic background.

The last name Craatz is a symbol of strength and courage, and a reminder of a family’s dedication to their ideals and values. It is known to represent a long lasting opinionated and stoic family, with a strong ancestry of warriors and brave knights. The Craatz family is held in high regard and admiration throughout Germany and is a respected and revered surname in its homeland.

The name Craatz is also known in Europe, Australia, and the United States, where it has been brought over for several generations. Its legacy continues to live on through different countries and cultures. It is a reminder of a family’s dedication to their beliefs and traditions, and a symbol of strength and courage.

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Craatz: Where does the name Craatz come from?

The last name Craatz is most commonly found in Germany. The name originates from German roots and is believed to have been first used in the region of Bavaria, Germany. According to surname distribution records, Craatz is currently most common in Germany, and is found in nearly every German state. The Craatz surname is also commonly found in other Northern European countries, including Netherlands, Austria, and Sweden.

The Craatz surname appears to have experienced a period of migration in the 19th century, when individuals bearing the name relocated and emigrated to the United States. Some also made their way to South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand during this time. Today, Craatz is still a relatively uncommon name, but is represented in a diverse array of countries across the globe.

Variations of the surname Craatz

The surname Craatz is a variation of many different spellings, names, and origins. The most common spellings of Craatz include Cratz, Kraetz, Kratz, Kraatz, Kratz, Krats, and Krastz. The surname is most commonly found in Germany and Eastern European countries, as well as in the Netherlands.

Other related spellings include Krat, Kraut, Krause, Kreis, and Kreft. The names Kroutz, Kreutzer, Kroitz, Kroetz, and Krietz are also associated with the Craatz surname. Each of these variants may have slightly different origins, though they all likely stem from the same source.

The Craatz surname is a variation of the old Germanicroot Krōt, which means “strong” or “tough.” The same root becomes Kratz in dialectic German, as well as Kraatz in other German dialects. The name was used to denote a family or individual who was brave and tough.

In some cases, Craatz can also be a variation of the German name Greis or Greif. Greif derives from the old Germanic grīs or grīp which means spear. The same root also appears as Kraatz in various dialects of Schwabian, as well as Kratz or Kritz in other dialects.

It is also possible that the Craatz surname may have originated as a separate name and not as a variant of one of the other names discussed here. Whichever the case may be, the Craatz surname is a common variant of many other Germanic surnames and its various spellings can be found all around the world.

Famous people with the name Craatz

  • Max Craatz: A German stuntman, actor, and producer known for his work on Derrick, Mord in Eberswalde, and Karsten und Petra.
  • Georg Craatz: A German painter, draftsman, illustrator, and designer who is known for his painting, Hotel Manager’s Room in a Berlin Hotel.
  • Axel Craatz: A former German footballer who played as a defender.
  • Fanny Craatz: A German mathematician and teacher who was one of the first women to study mathematics in Berlin, and who also co-edited a mathematics journal.
  • Peter Craatz: A German musician, organist, and composer who wrote over 60 songs between 1907 and 1915.
  • Cordula Craatz: A German pianist, accompanist and professor at the Hochschule für Musik in Nuremberg.
  • Fritz Craatz: An Austrian Army officer during the 19th and 20 century and recipient of the Order of Leopold intentional award.
  • Ernst Craatz: A German acoustical researcher and professor of Acoustics at the Physical Institute of the University of Munich.
  • August Craatz: A German playwright, journalist, and writer in the early 20th century, and member of the Berlin Writers' Union.
  • Maria von Craatz: A German contralto in the late 19th century who performed regularly at the city theater in Gera and was a member of the Central German Opera Company.

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