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Surname Crafoord - Meaning and Origin

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Crafoord: What does the surname Crafoord mean?

The surname Crafoord is of Scandinavian origin, primarily associated with families from Sweden. It is thought to be an occupational name, derived from a job or profession. However, the specific meaning of 'Crafoord' is not clear as it does not directly correspond to any known occupation in the Scandinavian region. The spelling "Crafoord" may have changed over the years, possibly from a more recognizable occupation. Like many surnames, it could be related to a location or geographic feature, but there is no clear evidence supporting this theory. It is notable for its association with the Crafoord family in Sweden, which boasts several distinguished members in the fields of medicine, engineering, and philanthropy. They have also established the Crafoord Prize, a prestigious award given in areas not covered by the Nobel Prizes.

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Crafoord: Where does the name Crafoord come from?

The surname Crafoord is of Swedish origin. This noble Swedish family dates back to the 17th century with its earliest noted member, Joen Persson. He was a captain from Småland and was knighted with the name Crafoord after the War of 1675-1679. Many of Joen Persson's descendants used the newly adopted last name thereafter. The family was ennobled in different branches, such as the baronial family in 1778 and the comital family in 1816. One of these branches has since died out.

The last name Crafoord is not very common, thus it is not significantly prevalent in any particular region today. However, given its Swedish roots, it is most likely to be found in Sweden, primarily among families descended from the original Crafoord family. Some Crafoords can also be found in other parts of the world as a result of Swedish emigration. However, even in Sweden, the name is not particularly common.

Variations of the surname Crafoord

The surname Crafoord is of Scottish origin and derives from the place Crawfurd in Lanarkshire in Scotland. Its multiple variants demonstrate the diversity of spellings caused by phonetic transcription over centuries. Some of the most common variants of the name include: Crawford, Crawfurd, Crafford, Crawfort, Craford, Crauford, and Crawforde.

These variations might have emerged due to different regional accents, individual's unfamiliarity with standard spelling, or mistakes in record transcription. Variations like "Craufurd" and "Crafford" may represent attempts to phonetically represent the pronunciation of the name.

The spelling "Crawford" is most prevalent, and this surname is prominent in Scottish and Northern Irish history. Numerous notable people carry this name, such as American actress Joan Crawford, and English footballer Ray Crawford. Despite the differences in spelling, all these surnames share their roots in the same Scottish place name.

Famous people with the name Crafoord

  • Carl-Axel Crafoord, Swedish industrialist and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
  • Mats Crafoord, Swedish entrepreneur, philanthropist, and inventor.
  • Jenner Crafoord, Swedish artist and painter.
  • Lennart Crafoord, Swedish artist and book illustrator.
  • Don Lindgren, American football player, former assistant coach of Nevada Wolf Pack and previously associate head coach of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.
  • Nils-Erik Crafoord, Swedish institute director and professor of organic chemistry.
  • Karl-Erik Crafoord, Swedish physicist, astronomer and professor at the Royal Institute of Technology.
  • Diana Crafoord, British actress, known for roles in the television series “EastEnders”, “Holby City” and “The Darjeeling Limited”.
  • Jacob Crafoord, Swedish journalist, writer and vice-governor.
  • Bertha Crafoord, Swedish artist, printmaker and benefactor, founder of the art school in Helsingborg.

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