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Surname Hermen - Meaning and Origin

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Hermen: What does the surname Hermen mean?

The last name Hermen is of Dutch and German origin and is derived from the first name Herman. It is a patronymic surname, meaning that it is derived from the first name of a father or ancestor.

The name Herman is derived from the German first name Hariman or Helman, which is derived from the element heim, meaning “home” or “house.” A person with the name Hermen was most likely an ancestor or relative of a person with the first name Herman. The name could also possibly have derived from Germanic words meaning “soldier” or “warrior.”

The surname Hermen is likely to have originated in northwest Germany or Holland around the 13th century. It spread across Europe and the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries. It is now among the most common last names in the Netherlands and Germany, and is also found in many other countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia.

The Hermen family most likely descended from a long line of warriors or a strong family-like unit, which could explain why the name has spread so far and wide. The name can also represent a sense of home and belonging and the importance of where one is from.

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Hermen: Where does the name Hermen come from?

The surname Hermen is most commonly found in Germany, where it is estimated that up to 17,000 people carry the surname today. Additionally, Hermen can also be found in countries and regions once comprised by the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Empire, such as Switzerland, Austria, Poland, France, and Luxembourg. It is also found in areas of the United States like Pennsylvania, with many Hermen’s believed to have been among the earliest Dutch and German immigrants to the US.

Hermen is believed to be derived from the ancient Germanic ‘heri’, meaning ‘army’, and the Latin word ‘mens’, meaning ‘man’. As such, Hermen is believed to have originally been used as a surname to represent someone in the military or from a military family. One variant of the name, Harman, is thought to have come from the same origins.

The surname Hermen is said to have become popular in the 13th century, during the rule of the Holy Roman Empire, when names started to be used to identify individuals and families. During the rule of Otto the first almost all of the working class people had to take on a surname, so Hermen would become one of many such names in that period.

Today, the surname Hermen is still relatively common in Germany and many of its former colonies and allotments. While the numbers may be down in certain areas, it is still a name found throughout several countries and regions.

Variations of the surname Hermen

Hermen is a surname of Danish, German and Dutch origins.

Variants of the surname Hermen include Harman, Harmon, Herman, Harmann, Hermon, Hermance, Hermanger and Harmans. The surname is also often found with either the Danish or Swedish suffix -sen, or the Germanic suffix -son appended.

Spellings of Hermen include Harman(n), Harmon(n), Harmen, Hermon and Hermin.

Surnames with similar origins and cultural roots as Hermen include Hermans, Hermanns, Hermsen, Heerman(n), Hermansen, Hermanson, Hermannson, Hermenau, and Hermenberg.

The origin of these names can be traced back to the old Germanic personal names Hariman, Herman, or Herimon, which meant "soldier". During the Middle Ages, these names became popular throughout Northern Europe, particularly in Germany and the Low Countries, and slowly evolved into surnames.

The spelling of the surname has evolved over time, resulting in an array of variants and spellings. Originally recorded as Herman or Harman, it later appeared as Harmen, Herman(n), Hermen and Hermin, and finally became Hermen and Hermans.

Today, the surname Hermen is still commonly found throughout Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

Famous people with the name Hermen

  • Martin Hermens: a Dutch professional cyclist
  • Bernhard Hermen: a German politician
  • John Hermen: an American actor
  • Rien Hermen: a Dutch former professional football player
  • Kristen Hermen: a Norwegian former long-distance runner
  • Piet Hermen: a Dutch glass artist
  • invading Hermen: a Belgian actor
  • Dana Hermen: a German actress
  • Kari Hermen: a Norwegian former Olympic rower
  • Gert Hermen: a Dutch journalist and politician

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