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Surname Herme - Meaning and Origin

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Herme: What does the surname Herme mean?

The last name Herme is of German origin and is derived from Herman. The name translates to “army man”, suggesting that the family were of military background. It could have also been a nickname bestowed upon someone within the family for their courage and bravery.

The name later evolved into Herme and has become a recognizable surname across Europe since the 18th century. This type of surname is usually derived from a given name of a direct ancestor of the family, reflecting the traditional ancestry and family origins of that individual.

Herme is considered to be a common family name, significant in many parts of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia. It is also prevalent in the United States, with more than 15,000 bearers of the last name calling it home.

The Herme name carries a strong sense of family pride and identity. It is a sign of strength and courage, of leadership and loyalty, and of love and protection. For many, the name continues to live on as a powerful legacy of the family’s past.

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Herme: Where does the name Herme come from?

The surname Herme is a common last name found in Germany, France, and Belgium. It is also scattered throughout some other countries of Northern Europe. In Germany, the name is often spelled with an umlaut such as Härme. It is also common in the Netherlands, often spelled Erme.

In France, the name is more commonly found as Herme, and is thought to be derived from the Old French hermite meaning “desert dweller,” or more likely from the Latin hermês meaning “messenger of the gods.” In Belgium, the surname is most commonly found in the form Herremans. It may also be spelled Ermense, Hermans, Herme, and other similar variations.

In America, the surname is relatively uncommon, likely because it is a recent immigrant name. Since the mid-nineteenth century, immigrants with the last name Herme (or one of its variants) have settled principally in the Midwestern and Western United States, particularly in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California.

However, in the last few decades, the surname has spread to other areas, with the highest concentrations now found in the states of Michigan and Illinois. Its distribution is also notable in the states of Texas, Washington, and New York. Thus, the last name Herme is increasingly being found throughout the United States, especially in the Midwest and West.

Variations of the surname Herme

The surname Herme has two distinct spellings and variants. The surname Herme is derived from the German name Herman, which is derived from the Old Germanic element “heri” meaning “army” and “mann” meaning “man”. The most prevalent spelling of this surname is Herme, while the variant form is Herm.

In addition, there are several spelling variants which have arisen due to the surname being adopted by other countries. In France, the surname Herme is spelled Hermez and in Japan it is spelled Herume. The spelling variants Hörme and Hermä are also found in German.

The surname Herme has several distinct surnames derived from it as well. These variations include Hermer, Hermert, Hermann, Harm, Hermsen, Herfmacher, Hermsmeyer, and Hermine.

The surname Herme is mostly found in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States. It is relatively rare elsewhere, though it does have a presence in other countries.

Thus, the surname Herme has numerous spelling variations and related surnames to its origin, allowing people with the surname to have their family histories accurately researched and traced accordingly.

Famous people with the name Herme

  • Mathieu Herme: French writer
  • Didier Herme: French media personality
  • Alvaro Herme: Spanish painter
  • Bruno Herme: Argentinean skier
  • Mathieu Hermey: French actor
  • Tawfiq Herme: Tunisian sculptor
  • Dieu Herme: French football player
  • Joanny Herme: French footballer
  • Joseph Herme: French theatre director 10.Boris Herme: French footballer

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