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Surname Holden - Meaning and Origin

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Holden: What does the surname Holden mean?

The surname Holden is of Old English origin and is derived from a place name. It comes from elements: 'hol' meaning 'deep or hollow' and 'denu' meaning 'valley'. Therefore, the surname essentially means 'from the deep valley'. It was typically given to someone who lived in or near a deep, hollow valley. The name appears in various forms such as Holdin, Holding and Houldin among others. It has a strong presence in Northern England, particularly in Lancashire, reflecting its topographical origins. The name also became prevalent in the United States, Canada, and Australia with British expatriates and their descendants. Famous people with the surname Holden include actress Amanda Holden and actor William Holden (both not of direct British descent), indicating the global spread of the surname.

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Holden: Where does the name Holden come from?

The surname Holden originates from England and is derived from the Old English terms "hol" and "denu," which mean "deep" and "valley," respectively. Thus, it typically signifies a person who lived near a hollow or deep valley. Some of the earliest records of this surname come from Lancashire, where the Holden family held a feudal manor in the Middle Ages.

Today, the surname is fairly common in English-speaking countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. There is also a significant number of people with the surname in Scandinavian countries due to migration from the UK over the centuries. Some notable people with the surname include Amanda Holden, a British actress, and William Holden, an American actor.

Variations of the surname Holden

The surname Holden is of English origin and it originates from Old English words 'hol' which means 'deep' or 'hollow' and 'denu' which means 'valley'. Over the century, it has taken on several variants and alternative spellings depending on the region and specific family lineage. Some of the different versions of the name include Holding, Houlden, Holdin, and Holdon.

Furthermore, the surname could also have variations as a patronymic surname, meaning these are names that designate the son of the original bearer of the name Holden. In such cases, the variant could be Holdingson or Holdingsson.

Occasionally, the last name Hoalden can be considered as a variant or spelling deviation of Holden. Other least popular surnames that may share the same Old English origin as Holden include Hollindale, Hollinrake, and Hould.

In terms of surnames that have similar meanings or linguistic elements, Holloway or Holroyd might fit as they also include the 'hol' prefix, though these aren't direct variations of Holden.

Lastly, the incorporation of 'denu' (valley) in other surnames like Denby, Denham, Dean, or Denney shares the same root but again, these aren't direct variations of Holden.

Famous people with the name Holden

  • Stephen Holden: film and theater critic
  • William Holden: actor
  • James Holden: DJ and record producer
  • Warren Holden: American football correspondent
  • Carl Holden: British actor
  • Christopher Holden: British actor
  • Nathan Holden: roller coaster designer
  • Peter Holden: British poet
  • Phil Holden: American actor
  • Shaya Holden: American actress
  • Charles Holden: British architect
  • Abigail Holden: British author
  • Paul Holden: Australian photographer
  • Keith Holden: English rugby union player
  • Frieda Holden: American actress
  • June Holden: British children's author
  • Nathan Holden: American former professional baseball player
  • Barbara Holden: American former tennis player
  • Robin Holden: American field hockey player
  • Stanley Holden: American dancer, teacher and author

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