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Surname Ibelherr - Meaning and Origin

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Ibelherr: What does the surname Ibelherr mean?

The last name Ibelherr is of German origin, derived from the Middle High German term 'ibelherre' which means "servant of God". The surname is most likely related to the idea of a personal relationship with God and often reflects a belief in God's power and dependence on Him.

Taken literally, the surname could be translated to an individual who serves a higher power, specifically God. This could mean someone who actively chooses to serve Him through his or her life and was devoted to His works throughout their life.

The surname Ibelherr is also linked to many prominent German families from generations past, some of whom were part of the prominent nobility. The surname is known to be originally from Prussia, an area of Northern Germany, and is a common surname among the people of Prussia today.

In modern times, the last name Ibelherr is not conspicuous but can still be found in Germany, as well as other countries around the world. The surname is used by many who are descendants of the original Prussian families, as well as those who have adopted it from other sources such as immigrants. It is also commonly found among people of other nationalities who have adopted it as a part of their own identity.

The last name Ibelherr has a strong connection to a religious aspect of life, and each person’s interpretation of the meaning varies dependent on their faith. Regardless, the surname is an integral part of many individuals’ lives, both in Germany and around the world.

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Ibelherr: Where does the name Ibelherr come from?

The last name Ibelherr is quite rare across many countries today, and while it appears in some regions of Europe, it is not common at all.

In Germany, the last name Ibelherr is quite rare. It can be found in some records of the 16th and 17th centuries, but it is not a popular surname. It could be derived from a first name, Ibelerus.

In France, the last name Ibelherr is also not very common; it appears in some riviera settlements and some records of the 16th and 17th centuries.

In the United States, the last name Ibelherr is virtually nonexistent, appearing in only a handful of records from certain states.

In Italy, the last name Ibelherr is even more rare. There are a few records of the 17th century, but otherwise, the name is very rare.

Overall, the last name Ibelherr appears in records from a few countries, but it is not common today. Its rarity suggests that it is an uncommon and quite old name.

Variations of the surname Ibelherr

The surname Ibelherr is a German surname with several variations and spellings.

The most common variants of Ibelherr include Ebelherr and Abbelherr. Variants of the first two include Ebelher, Abbelher, Ebelhaar, Abbelhaar, and Ebelhaar. In addition, Ibelherr has also been documented as having been spelled Aipeler, Aipelhor, Aibeler, and Aipelhör.

Surnames that share the same origin as Ibelherr include Aibhilin, Aibel, Aibels, Ebels, and Ebelsheimer.

The meanings and origin of the Ibelherr surname are unknown, although some believe it has its roots in the German words “ib” and “herr”, meaning “master” and “lord”, respectively. It is also possible that the name may be derived from a personal name, such as Ibelin, or perhaps the name of a village.

The Ibelherr surname has been found in Germany and other parts of Europe, as well as the United States. It is also found in countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Overall, the Ibelherr surname is one of many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Its exact origin is uncertain, although it is clear that there is a German heritage associated with the name. It has spread from Germany to other parts of the world and is found in many countries today.

Famous people with the name Ibelherr

  • Florian Ibelherr: German soccer player for SV Rödinghausen.
  • Helmut Ibelherr: German basketball coach, scout, and manager, retired from the Bavarian Basketball Federation National Basketball Association.
  • Vivian Ibelherr: Brazilian-born professional cyclist, who has competed in BMX and mountain biking events around the world.
  • Robert Ibelherr: Austrian psychologist and psychotherapist, specializing in trauma resolution, communication coaching, and alternative medicines.
  • Sebastian Ibelherr: German musician, songwriter, and producer based in Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Ryan Ibelherr: United States Army Special Forces Officer and Gold Star Family Member.
  • Dr. Michael Ibelherr: Austrian cosmetic surgeon based in Vienna, known for his innovations in facial reconstructive surgery.
  • Thomas Ibelherr: German ice hockey defender who is currently playing for Krefeld Pinguine in the DEL.
  • Katrin Ibelherr: German television actress who is most well known for her roles on the children's series "Das Traumhotel" and "Auf Achse".
  • Alexander Ibelherr: French chef, restaurateur, and television personality, who has been credited with introducing popular French dishes to the public.

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