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Surname Ice - Meaning and Origin

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Ice: What does the surname Ice mean?

The last name ICE is of Anglo-Saxon origin and its origin is uncertain. It may be derived from the Old English word ēces, meaning "edge," and thus may have originally denoted a person who lived near an edge or a boundary. It could also be related to the Old Scottish word ices, meaning "ice" and referring to those who lived in a region that was Norman in language and culture.

Other theories about the ICE surname point to a French origin, with some saying the name is a variation of the nickname or occupational name “L'eau,” meaning “the water” or “the water carrier.” In this case, the name was likely a distinguishing epithet given to a water carrier, likely acquired because of their frequent contact with the element.

Furthermore, the ICE surname may have derived from place names, such as Isce or Eissey, which were derived from the Old English ēse, a term referring to a stretch of land between two streams. People bearing the surname ICE could have either lived in or were from a place by that name.

The ICE surname can be found in records dating back to the 16th century in England, and has since spread to other parts of the world including Germany, Australia, and the United States. Those with the surname ICE today can be found in various parts of these countries, including major cities.

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Ice: Where does the name Ice come from?

The last name ICE is a relatively common name, today seen mostly in English-speaking countries. It is especially common in the United States, where it is the 864th most popular last name according to recent data from the 2000 US Census. In that same census data ICE is the 116th most popular name in Maryland and the 243rd most popular name in Pennsylvania.

The last name ICE is also found in other English-speaking countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Although there are no recent comprehensive demographic data available, ICE is a popular last name in each of these countries.

The popularity of this name is likely due to its relative simplicity and flexibility. It also has the added appeal of making a connection to the natural element of ice. Not surprisingly, many people with the surname ICE have had various ice-related works or professions. Ice farmers, ice makers, and blockice-cutters are some of the historically documented occupations of persons bearing this name.

Today, last name ICE is an indication of generations of rootedness in several different English-speaking countries. For descendants of anyone carrying the name ICE, it is a reminder of their proud heritage and the strength of their bond with the land.

Variations of the surname Ice

The surname ICE has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include Ice, Ise, Isaac, Itce, Isch, Isque, Iseh, Ysce, Ysch, Isak, Isae, Iseck, Isack, Isick, Itches, Ischke, Iscke, Isake, and Isach.

Ice is an extremely common surname with Germanic roots, derived from the Medieval Germanic name Isanc or Esanc, meaning God's leisure. It is the occupational name of a woodcutter, derived from the Old High German word isan or isatin ("to sever"). The use of ICE as a surname likely began in the 16th century, when surnames began to be used among the Germanic people.

Ise is a shortened form of the surname Ice, as well as being an English, Dutch, and German baptismal name. It is a variant of the Biblical Isai, stemming the Hebrew name Isai, which means "God is salvation".

Isaac, Isack, Isae, Isack, and Isake are all derived from the Hebrew name Ishaac, meaning God will laugh, in reference to the story of the Bible.

Itce and Isch are variants of the surname Ice, likely originating in the 16th century.

Isque, Iseh, Ysce, Ysch, Isick, Itches, Ischke, Iscke, and Isach, are all variants of Ice used among Germanic populations. They have been in use for centuries, with the oldest recorded instances of the spellings being found in Europe as far back as the 1600s.

Although the variants of the surname Ice may appear to be quite different, they all stem from the same roots: the Germanic name Isanc or Esanc, and the Biblical names Isai and Ishaac.

Famous people with the name Ice

  • Ice-T: Also known as Tracy Marrow, American rapper, songwriter, actor and record producer
  • Ice Cube: Also known as O'Shea Jackson, American rapper, actor and filmmaker
  • Vanilla Ice: Also known as Robert Matthew Van Winkle, American rapper and musician
  • Madison Ice: American figure skater
  • Coolio Ice: American rapper
  • Ice Wolf: Australian rock and blues singer-songwriter
  • Kirka Babitzin: Also known as Ice K, Finnish pop singer
  • ICe-SS: American hip-hop artist and producer, also known as Ice Boogie
  • Night Ice: Nicaraguan reggaeton singer
  • Anatoli Ice: Russian rap artist, graphic designer and event organizer

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